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Jan 4, 2012 06:08 PM

Il Mulino Restaurant ?

I was looking at going for dinner with my Wife this weekend for Italian , and have heard mixed things about Il Mulino. I was wondering what people think about the restaurant and if it's worth the price?
Thanks in advance

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  1. Oscar has been doing a great job with the new Il Mulino. I would definitely give it a try. Best dining room at Eglinton.

    1. I went about a year ago and loved both the food and the service. Wish I lived closer.

      1. There is a WagJag today for a 4 course Prix Fixe at Il Mulino - $65 for looks good but before we buy, has anyone been lately?

        I haven't been in years....wondering if the food and atmosphere are still amazing.

        1. There is a current Groupon for $69 for a dinner for 2.

          Anyone been here recently? With the semi-recent WagJag and this new Groupon offer I am just wondering how the restaurant has been.

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            There are group deals for Il Mulino pretty much weekly. I've never been.