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It's DineLA Time Again: 1/22-27/12; 1/29-2/3/12

The last time around, we had great meals at Bazaar by Jose Andres and Spago. Very mediocre (at best) meal at Firefly in So Pas. The time before, I had a fabulous meal at Lawry's (the lobster tail was the best I have ever had!). I will probably go back to Spago again this time and want to try Scarpetta as well. Street and Grub are on my "hope to try" list as well.

Where are you planning on going? Previous hits/misses?


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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Spago's menu for the event. I got an email from Lawry's and it doesn't seem to be a better deal for the prime rib than you can get in the restaurant normally--I will skip although I really like Lawry's.

    I'd like to know what people think is a deal not to miss on this year's lineup.

    1. for sure, i will be returning to Hosteria del Picolo (sp?)

      1. We always enjoyed the meal at Craft LA in Century City. The service is impeccable and the food even more divine.

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          Bouchon is always great and offers great value.

        2. We went to Scarpetta last time and had an amazing meal. In fact, we're going back this time even though the menu appears to be the same. The best dishes were the creamy polenta and the agnolotti, though everything was really good.

          We've previously been to Craft and would easily go there again. Both places had great service to match the quality of the food. And unlike some Dine LA participants, they really seemed to embrace the concept.

          1. Spago is amazing, and Fogo de Chao is too good of a deal to miss. I would like to try Craft and Scarpetta this time around.

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              Fogo is our normal Restaurant Week destination. Thinking about trying Libra just for variety's sake. Anyone been to both and have a preference?

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                Looks like Fogo eliminated the desert this time around :(

                FWIW, I'm done with dinela...restaurants are pricing them so that it's basically a free desert at best, and too often the portions/dishes are decreased in quality and quantity.

                1. re: manku

                  Aww man that sucks but I will go regardless it's been over a year since I last went and my friends and I enjoyed it. I never really order deserts anyway so I'm fine with it although I did enjoy their deserts last time I think this time being in that neighborhood I will make a trip to get desert elsewhere.

              2. My DineLA hits include Lukshon, Hungry Cat, and Water Grill. I will probably check out Spice Table and Scarpetta if available.

                1. I'm trying to decide between dinner at Craft, AOC, or Lucques. Anyone have any thoughts on those?

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                    Craft's last Dine LA dinner was wonderful.

                    1. re: jsandler

                      second/third/fourth, and fifth, for Craft.

                      The rest of the "$$$" DineLA restaurants should just not bother.

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                        Menu for Craft looks great, isn't it family style though? Can a couple come in and order 2 apps, entrees, and dessert?

                        1. re: groover808

                          are you asking if they will let you split one DineLA 3-course dinner between two people?

                          1. re: westsidegal

                            No, if a couple dines, if you each can order a different app, main, and dessert. I thought with Craft and some other DineLA places it was family style and you had to have like 4-5 people to receive all the different dining options? Or maybe I'm just totally imagining reading that...

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                            Yes, Craft Dine LA Menus are served family style. Regardless of the number of diners, you receive all of the appetizers and desserts and they are portioned according to the numbers of diners, and each person chooses one of the entrees.

                            1. re: jsandler

                              We just made our reservation at Craft (one of, if not the only, restaurant that has its DineLA menu available on Saturdays). We've gone there in the past for DineLA (and other times, too), and have not been disappointed at all. They do not skimp at all on the portions, either.

                              It's worth emphasizing that although the appetizers, sides and desserts are served family style, each person ordering the menu gets to pick a main course of his or her own choosing. Everyone gets all of the apps and desserts (or at least gets to fight over them!); you don't have to choose.

                              1. re: Jack Flash

                                Oh wow, you get all the apps and desserts no matter what, I'm in! Reservation done and for a Saturday too. Can't wait, everything sounds delicious and nice to hear about the portions too.

                                I think it was Lukshon I was reading awhile back where they had 3-4 entree choices and a group of 2 only got one entree choice, a group of 3 got 2 entree choices and so. So you had to have at least 1 more person than entree choices to get everything family style.....lame.

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                                  Not my experience at Lukshon....my dining companion and I each had different selections and in fact that was one of my best DINELA experiences....

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                                  Actually my one minor qualm about Craft Dine LA last time was the portions, which I thought were a bit small. I went with a group of four, so we shared everything except one of the five entrees offered. We didn't leave hungry, but certainly could have had a bit more. We ordered cocktials ot start, and we wished we had skipped the cocktails, whcih we thought weren't anything special, and ordered an additional entree of the menu.

                      2. Between Lucques and Gordon Ramsey's The London, which is better AND has the best deal for restaurant week? I have tried to cross reference restaurants' regular menu prices with the $44 deal and quite a few don't really offer a savings. By the way, are the portion sizes the same?

                        Truthfully, I'm a little worried about Gordon Ramsey's being overhyped and not worth the money. Although the menu at Lucques doesn't really excite me. Frankly, we have waited so long, there are not many places with availability any more.

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                        1. re: bohemiana

                          did Gordon Ramsey Dine LA last year- not impressed.

                          went there for tea last month(not my choice)- REALLY NOT IMPRESSED.

                          for dine LA- we are going to Fogo and Craft- already have reservations
                          maybe Sotto if we get a last minute urge
                          FYI- Craft does the DineLA menu on Saturday nights also!

                        2. We're going to Craft and Drago Centro for sure. I had Drago Centro's DineLA menu last time, and it was a really good deal. The portions seemed normal sized (they're not known for gargantuan servings to begin with), and very well-executed.

                          1. Some of the places I've been to: Culina (good), Rivera (good), Water Grill (good), Spago (good), the Bazaar (good), Kiriko (good), Zengo (good), Bouchon (disappointing), Ombra (disappointing). Planning on going to Lukshon, Mezze, Starry Kitchen, Picca. Maybe Spago and Kiriko again.

                            1. I've had great dineLA meals before at the Bazaar and BLT Steak. So far have reservations at Scarpetta, Cleo and Fig & Olive. Can't wait until next week!