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Jan 4, 2012 04:04 PM

has anyone had dim sum catered to their house? looking for good dim sum that does catering for a birthday party at our home.

wondering if anyone has any suggestions... i know i can order a ton of dim sum take-out but i would have to find a way to keep it warm myself. looking for a restaurant that can bring over warmers etc.

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  1. Yank-Sing can do this. It's pricey, but they can deliver it cooked and hot, or cooked and cold, and I believe you can rent steaming equipment if needed.
    I would get a wok and some bamboo steamers and heat it myself, it heats quickly. The metal stacking steamers work too, just get some banana leaves to line it, or use the nifty cloth-disposable liners they sell on Clement.

    1. A friend had Shan Dong cater their wedding and they had several kinds of dumplings as appetizers. Theirs are larger and doughy with a variety of fillings. So no har gow, shumai, Ichi gow, etc. They were a big hit but might not be the variety you'd like. They also had vegetarian ones.