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Jan 4, 2012 03:35 PM

Enchilada ovenware?

I did a search and found nothing about this issue on this board.

Ive been going crazy- I can't find the correct term for this sort of thing. You know, when you order enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant, they usually bring 'em out on special plates with a steel liner. The plate-liner was obviously heated in the oven then placed in the plate holder/tray before serving.

I'd love to buy one or two for home-- but for the life of me, I can't find any! Probably because I dont know what this is called.

Help, anyone?


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  1. It sounds like you are talking about a fajita platter. I've never seen them used for enchiladas though. It's usually a cast iron oval pan and sits on a wood base

    1. I've never seen enchiladas served on a fajita platter either, and I live in So. CA. Usually enchiladas here are served on a plate, and fajitas are served on the fajita platters, heated super hot so they sizzle when the food is added.

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        Yep, I've eaten enchiladas in Mexico at a tiny little local restaurant and they were just served on a regular dinner plate.

      2. The OP is talking about plates that are metal and nestle into a non-metal platter for service. Not sure where you would find them, maybe a restaurant supply house?

        1. I've only had enchiladas served on a plate, but here is an example of a fajita/steak plate.

          1. Must be a New Mexican thing then. I see those plates ALL the time here-- and its not a fajita plate thats for sure :)

            Ill have to take a pic of one next time and post! Thanks for your replies though--