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Jan 4, 2012 02:36 PM

Small dinner party caterer in Bethesda

I'm looking for either a caterer to bring prepared food or for someone to cook a dinner for a group of 10 people for my father's 90th birthday in his apartment in Friendship Heights. Due to a soy allergy of one of the group, Asian would be out, but we're open to almost anything else.

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  1. We've had good experiences using this private chef: http://www.chefmillard.com/. He comes to your place and does the cooking there.

    We've used him for parties in the 10-20 person range and have been really happy with the food -- super yummy, refined, and the food has always matched the mood of our parties perfectly.

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      Do they also clear plates and serve? And do you need a fancy kitchen (vs. our not renovated historical row home in Mt. Pleasant...) Is it low stress for the hostess?