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Jan 4, 2012 02:21 PM

SAIT-Bakery items

I recall that SAIT's culinary school had a market where you coul dpurchase baked goods to take home. I've checked out the SAIT website and can't find anything about this. Does anyone know?

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  1. The Market Place at SAIT
    I can't find any references after 2009/10. There are some posts on here if you search.
    I did go up there a time or two in 2009 and the products were good.
    Just too lazy to make the trek since then.

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      I love the new marketplace. I get meat and baked goods there, even bulk marzipan. The cons are that what is stocked is dependent on what the students are making that day (sometimes the shelves are empty) and do not go in there hungry, what with all the donuts and cakes.

    2. It indeed still exists. It's located in the John Ware building, which is the same building that houses the Four Nines cafeteria and the Highwood restaurant. The selection does vary, and I recommend going earlier in the day if possible, as the shelves are quite empty by day's end. Not only can you get great baked goods and great prices, they have a selection of meats and deli products as well.

      1. I went there on a open house last year.
        The Marketplace was a highlight from the tour.
        In the windows were the most amazing croquembroques Ive seen in Calgary
        (much more impressive that that of cruffs!).
        And they were very traditional as well.
        The market place is very impressive since it is of course the students who make the products.