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Jan 4, 2012 02:07 PM

First time in Vegas

My partner and I are heading to Vegas in a couple weeks and I've been scanning the Boards to make my most important vacation decision - where to eat. Just a long weekend -- so far I'm thinking...
Sensi after the flight - staying at Bellagio and sounds casual and right downstairs
Lunch at Milos - great reviews - and brunch next day at Bellagio (don't I HAVE to do a buffet on our first trip?)
Pre-theater dinner at Le Cirque before seeing Zumanity then pre-theater next day at Mesa Grill before show at Colliseum.
We won't have a car or I'd love to try LOS. Anything I should change?

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  1. Depending on where you're staying on the Strip LOS is not a far cab ride. I recall it being about $10ish when I was staying at the Wynn. The Wynn is already on the far north end of the strip so closer to LOS but I can't imagine from Bellagio it would be much more.

    I've been on two of my trips and really enjoyed everything....however the first time as a casual Thai food eater from Phoenix I was pretty clueless to everything beyond pad thai and curry so I'd suggest doing a little research on their menu if you're not familiar with thai cuisine.