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Jan 4, 2012 12:57 PM

any good rehersal dinner spots near the waterfront?

We are getting married near Post Office Square and need a rehersal dinner spot. Its been a while since I have lived in Boston and with all the new spots (no longer just Anthony's Pier 4!) I am lost. Does anyone have any recommendations for places that do private events?

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  1. what's your budget here? there is a del frisco's and a morton's, but both of those will cost at least $100 pp. (private dining menus may get you under that though.) i don't think tezmacal has private rooms. there is a westin, a renaissance and the seaport hotel, all of whom obviously do private events. very mixed reviews on the new legal's, but the views are gorgeous.

    you've also got jody adam's trade and smith & wollensky on russia wharf, as well as the boston harbor hotel and the intercontinental.