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Jan 4, 2012 12:44 PM

great lunch at Garces Trading Company

just had a great lunch at garces trading Company (GTC) between 11th and 12th on Locust Street. All three of us had the soup and sandwich combo -- mine was turkey&bacon w/french onion soup; second was grilled cheese w/creamy tomato soup and the third was ham&cheese w/ fr. onion. came with fries or salad or chips --it was generous portions, a nice full cup of soup, and it also came with your choice of non-alcoholic drink. We had hot, bottomless cup of really good strong coffee --that made the $14 price really worth it. We also enjoyed a really good profiterole/creamy, puff pastry dessert and were comped on our side of a cheese choice, b/c it came out a bit late. (very nice gesture! unasked for but appreciated) service was friendly and fun. after lunch, you can be tempted to purchase most of what you ate at the take-out cheese, charcuterie and dessert counter... along with balsamic vinegar, olives and coffee. felt like a special experience; will def go back and recommend!

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  1. I posted awhile ago that this is a favorite lunch spot of mine. If you are adventurous, next time just get some small plates and an order of one of the ham choices. Branch out from profiteroles and try the French macaroons, nothing like disgusting Manishevitz.

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      Just got back from Amiens in NW France where they make a cocoanut macaroon that will knock your socks off, one of main reasons to visit the town besides the cathedral. The macaron with one 'o' is a different beast. But to make it interesting the mignardaises that Pierre serves at Bibou is the cocoanut one and it is wonderful. It is why l skip dessert there and bring a very good dessert wine.

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        Neat. I have an uncle in Amiens (or just outside in Bertangles). What is the name of the shop?