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Jan 4, 2012 12:11 PM

Hazar Turkish Kebab

I had an excellent chicken gyro (shawarma) sandwich here. Has anyone else tried this place?

7224 5th Avenue.

7224 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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  1. Love it. Ordered food for 200 people from them. Great service, everything fresh. Gave me alternatives for special dietary needs (allergies and gluten-free). I Especially like their sauces and meats.

    7224 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

    1. Gyro is good, sort of refined. I tried both chicken and lamb.

      But the pide (turkish pizza, pronounced "pita") is really superb.

      All the kababs and mezzes really looked terrific. Good find!

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      1. re: Jim Leff

        This is the old Damascus spot, right?

        Are they baking their own bread, apart from the pide?
        It would be nice to have some some truly good turkish food again.

            1. re: grouchomama

              Groucho- have you tried their Iskendar kabab?

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Do they gots a website, or can anyone scane a menu and post here.???

          I'm also kind of interested in what the iskander kebab is like, it's basically usally just a doner kebab (i.e. lamb gyro meat topped with yogurt sauce, right?)

          i could probably tell by the pictures if it's the kind that i like.

          also, does anyone know where Orhan Yegel is cooking at or rather what restaurants he is running at right now? (did he close any of his restaurants down and which are the currently open ones?)

          Thanks a bunch.

          1. re: kevin

            Their menu is on menu pages. Can't answer any of your other questions. I know they marinate all their meat in yogurt as well as supplying a yogurt sauce.

            1. re: kevin

              Hazar had a website, but it seems to be down. Its MenuPages menu is linked from its Chow page (see link at right).

          2. I had a little of everything, but I don't recall the Iskendar kabob. I have to go back.