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Jan 4, 2012 11:52 AM

Quick thoughts on this Itinerary - much thanks

Have a friend going down to New Orleans in early March & I do not want to lead him astray. These are his thoughts on an itinerary, and he'd like some advice, other than mine. Feel free to change places as you see fit. He will not have a car, and will be staying at the Hampton Inn in the garden district. He prefers to eat only lunch and dinner while on vacation & would like to experience a variety of what New Orleans has to offer. He will be traveling with his wife and 4 year old daughter (who is a reasonably adventurous eater, and is very well behaved).

Here is what he has thusfar:

Mon. dinner - Joey K's
Tues. lunch - Cochon Butcher
Tues. dinner - Domenica
Wed, lunch - Mahoney's Po Boys
Wed. dinner - Brigtsen's
Thurs. lunch - Emeril's
Thurs. dinner - Casamento's
Fri. lunch - Coquette
Fri. dinner - Port of Call
Sat. lunch - Mr. B's Bistro
Sat. dinner- unplanned
Early flight out on Sunday

Thanks again for your invaluable advice.

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  1. I think that is a great spread with a touch of everything. And won't break the bank.

    1. Errr I don't see Commander's Palace on there. A great lunch can be had for under $20 with 2 martinis (excluding tip)

      (otherwise it's a nice list!) (although check that Casamento's will be open. They close part of the year)

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      1. re: kukubura

        Casamentos only closes during the summer.

      2. First thought - tell them to bring loose clothes because they will be growing into them. Second thought - since they don't have transportation, are they taking cabs? Street car? Walking a lot? Because this list is all over the place, and they will have a child in tow. Third thought - I'm not so sure about Port of Call, especially at night with a 4-year-old. If they really want to go there, maybe swap out for a lunch.

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        1. re: expatorleanian

          Great thoughts - thank you - will definately pass them along - primary modes of transport will be feet, st. charles street car line, magazine st. bus - never thought about port of call being a potential problem - will it be too wild for them on a friday night? he just wants to fit in a burger at somepoint, because his daughter is a big fan

          1. re: GDPhalp

            If they get over to the PoC and it's a madhouse, consider the burger at Buffa's (across Esplanade and a block towards the lake). The back room is non-smoking and often has some sort of music going in the evening. The burger, while lacking the visual oomph of the PoC, isn't bad at all and their other food options while not high end have yet to disappoint.

            Keep in mind that the PoC is a shitshow at mealtimes but a little early or a little late usually works out just fine. I've found the same to be true at Cochon B. & Mahoney's too.

            NB: I'm not trying to start a "who has a better burger" war. I enjoy both but I've never had to wait at Buffas (and wouldn't wait at the PoC ... it's not *that* good [ah, but the steaks are some of the best you'll find at a casual restaurant, especially considering the cheap money]).

            1. re: montuori

              Never tried Buffa's, but have heard that its consistant - good suggestion, i'll in turn suggest that he consider it if PoC is a bust

              1. re: GDPhalp

                Friend had the burger in the restaurant part of Snug Harbor and proclaimed it better than Port of Call. (he lives there and eats at these places regularly)

                1. re: califkatie

                  I've been to snug harbor for jazz a bunch - never have had a bite there - cool suggestion

        2. we just got home from NOLA and our favorite place was LaBayou on Bourbon Street. very comfortable place, friendly staff. I had the best burger in a long time at Hard Rock. We had breakfast a couple mornings at Jagerhaus on Conti Street ~ absolutely wonderful!

          1. Great itinerary; I would suggest Dante's Kitchen for your Saturday night dinner; we ate there a couple of weeks ago and had amazing Chicken Under a Brick and the Redfish. It was delicious and a great atmosphere.
            We also did our entire trip, except for to and from the airport, on the street car, buses and walking. We were quite pleased with ourselves and got a TON of exercise (which probably helped with not putting too much weight on) but it was A LOT of walking, not sure if a 4 year old is up to it.
            And we happened to have lunch on two different days at Port of Call; early afternoons are totally mellow. I LOVE the burger there but I hate waiting a long time for anything, so I wouldn't plan on it for a dinner.
            Arrive near opening dinner hours for Casamentos. The wait can be crazy. (although I probably would wait in line an eternity for the Oyster Loaf.) And don't miss Coquette. The most amazing lunch in town!

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            1. re: piglet3000

              great rec's - i think dante's would be an excellent suggestion & I dont think there is another on his itinerary that is "really" similar - it is "out there", by brigtsens - not sure he wants to make that trek twice

              1. re: GDPhalp

                Totally ! we faced the same dilemma ! We ended up opting for Dante's since we had been to Brigsten's before, and even though we loved it, were determined to eat at some new spots. If only one of them served lunch, you could go nap in the park, then waddle back to the other for dinner.