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Jan 4, 2012 10:46 AM

Pass-a-grille recs

Husband and I are going to be in Pass-a-grille for a few days next week and are looking for recommendations for food. We are going to have a limited kitchen so I will take advantage of that for small meals but want to enjoy what is on offer for bars and restaurants. Any suggestions?

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  1. Gennaro's Italian is tasty.

    1. The Seahorse is good for breakfast. Over the bayway (about a 5 minute drive), Tokyo Bay is good for sushi. The bar at the Don Cesar St. Pete beach has really good burgers. Dockside Daves St Pete Beach has an awesome grouper sandwich.

      1. Thanks to everyone who replied-we just got back and had a great time. We went to The Seahorse for breakfast and were pleased with the food-basic diner type breakfast that hit the spot. We went for drinks at The Black Palm (nice bartender, short specialty cocktail list) and enjoyed them but skipped dinner as it was a little early for a meal for us. (We ate there on an earlier trip and enjoyed it.) Had a drink at the roof-top bar at Hurricanes' but we were not impressed-chewy maraschino cherries! How old were they??? View is nice, of course. Had a great lunch at Sea Critters. They were very nice even though it was the middle of the afternoon and they gave great service. The mango butter served with the bread was very tasty. Food is very basic but that is fine with me-it's nice not to deal with fushion/foam/little plate confusion when I really just want some local fish. Went to Billys' Stone Crab (?) on Tierra Verde and was very underwhelmed. Nice staff but food was just ...boring and unremarkable. And the drinks were very watered down-so sad to order a drink and then wonder if it was a "virgin" accidentaly brought to the table.

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          billy's is my dads favorite place when he comes and visits. I finally had to tell him that if he wants to go there he has to go alone haha.