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Jan 4, 2012 10:46 AM

Anyplace in Philly Chinatown comparable to NY Noodletown?

Just met friends in NYC at Great NY Noodletown, where we had amazing delicious simple supercheap plates of sliced roast duck, chicken and bbq pork over rice with big spoonfuls of absurdly good ginger-scallion sauce. $4.75 for a heaping plate, I ate it all and could've eaten another plateful.

I've been a Philadelphian awhile but still don't know our Chinatown well - are there places I can go for a similar meal?

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  1. Hi GDSwamp - I think it might be hard to replicate your NY Noodletown meal in Philly. Philly does have old-world style Cantonese (which is what NY Noodletown is) so my advice is to start here:

    Then look at these threads…

    Ken’s Seafood:

    Lee How Fook Tea House:

    Shiao Lan Kung:

    Tai Lake:


    1. I'm not familiar with Noodletown, but I find Dim Sum Garden's noodle dishes to be tasty, simple, and inexpensive.

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        Hand Drawn Noodle place on 10th just above Arch Street (there is another hand drawn noodle place on Race. Not sure if they are the same owners). Anyway, I got a duck noodle soup at the 10th street location and was as good as the same dish at NY Noodletown. Only big difference is that you get a lot more food at the Philly restaurant. The atmosphere, while not fancy, is cleaner than NY Noodletown (which is really kind of a dump...not that there's anything wrong with that).

      2. MY happy experiences with that type of meal have been at the Peking Duck houses--name escapes me, but there is now one in the Wynnfield shopping center also.

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          I believe Sang Kee is the restaurant Bashful is referring to. They have locations in Chinatown as well as Wynnewood, Chinatown and west Philadelphia.

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            Yea Sang Kee and they also have a Reading Terminal Market location. The noodle, rice and soups with roast meat dishes are cheap and satisfying.

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              Sang Kee now also has locations in Edgmont PA and Cherry Hill NJ.

              Love Sang Kee's roast duck with rice and greens. However I have to say the best of all of these locations is the one on 9th St with the next best at RT. And they are also cheaper than the suburb locations. I believe that the duck is all roasted in Philly and then brought out daily to the other locations. Good if you can't get into Philly but if you can, go the extra mile(s) to hit the city locations.

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                Yeah, I have to get out to Sang Kee. The one time I want (to the Wynnewood location) they were out of duck. So i'll have to try again.

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                  Please report back if your quest is successful or not!

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                    FYI ... not all place in the burbs with Sang Kee are directly Sang Kee. They are often partnerships. That is not to say that the quality is not as good, but they certainly are not the same experience as the RTM or Chinatown locations.

          2. Ting Wong will give you what you're looking for.


            They have really good bbq pork. Make sure you ask for half lean, half fatty. If you don't, you may end up with all lean which will be too dry. That's what happened to mean when I was there for a weekend. When I went back the next day, I remembered to ask for half lean, half fatty and it was totally delicious. Not too sweet, not dry at all. Just right.

            And if you want dessert afterward, Mongkok Station Bakery is right across the street. Good egg custard tarts and pineapple buns with the egg custard filling. They also have good "daan goh" wrapped in paper - looks like a yellow, eggy cupcake.

            Lee How Fook doesn't have any bbq meats. They did have good beef chow foon (plenty of "wok hei") and good beef chow mein with gai lan.

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              hey hey, this sounds good. I'm going.

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                I am eagerly awaiting you report!