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Jan 4, 2012 10:19 AM

New Ottolenghi cookbook coming out!!! September 2012

Due out this September.
I found out about it through the January issue of the much-maligned Bon Appétit.
Guess what I just preordered?

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  1. BA is growing me. I rather enjoyed reading that new issue in bed last night. (I've stuffed cotton in my ears so as not to hear any siren's song about new cookbooks; I just rec'd my sale shipment from TGC. But the Ottolenghi recipes in BA looked very intriguing; going to try the fennel one soon.)

    1. Wait. Are we sure it's a cookbook?

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      1. re: roxlet

        Pretty sure it's a cookbook; read about it somewhere else too.

        1. re: roxlet

          I wonder too, roxlet, whether it's strictly a cookbook. E.g. see this article (admittedly from March 2011):

          To quote:
          "... their next book project is about Jerusalem, and involves Ottolenghi and Tamimi rediscovering the city of their youth, its history and its future. They grew up in the same place and at the same time, but totally separate: Ottolenghi was raised Jewish; Tamimi grew up Palestinian. They want to tell the story of a city and its food, how the commonalities and foodways can reveal shared histories. A stuffed cabbage of an Iraqi-Jewish woman might resemble in myriad ways the stuffed cabbage of a Palestinian woman she’d never met. Showing how techniques and foods are shared is a way for Ottolenghi and Tamimi to give back to a city that is suffering, becoming less cosmopolitan, yet formed them both. ..."

            1. re: drongo

              The title of the book is:

              Jerusalem: A Cookbook
              Yotam Ottolenghi, Sami Tamimi

              Sold by: LLC

          1. I wonder if this is a spinoff of his TV show in the UK on 21 December, Jerusalem on a Plate?




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            1. re: Gio

              Maybe a travel book with recipes?

              1. re: roxlet

                Well, it sounds like a pretty good title for one. On his blog site he gives a list of the restaurants he ate at and, I think, cooked in.

                1. re: Gio

                  And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's mountains green? According to BA, it's a cookbook.

                  1. re: buttertart

                    It's written with Sam Tamimi, with whom he collaborated on the first book (and founded the restaurants) so pretty sure it's a cookbook.

                    A new Ottolenghi AND a new Dunlop this year - the cookbook Gods are smiling on us.

              2. re: Gio

                Interesting....cookbooks normally go hand-in-hand with TV programmes not published maybe 9 months after.

                1. OK.. I have read his columns in the Guardian, and taken his books out of the library.. and ooh and aahed over them. I don't eat too much meat (largely due to taste and my generally lazy nature), so I do love the look of his recipes. However, he seems to use vast quantities of oil and fat in general in his recipes.
                  I try to eat fairly healthy main courses, since I bake so much! Has anyone tried reducing the oil in the recipes, or do they just not work that way?
                  Just curious...

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                  1. re: rstuart

                    I reduce the amount of oil/fat by about 60% for most of their recipes, and they are still delicious. The two books already published have been COTM's in the past. I highly recommend reading those threads since many of us used different strategies to reduce the oil and with a lot of success.

                    1. re: smtucker

                      Ditto what smtucker says. Some of his recipes are quite moderate in their amounts of oil, while other do call for a great deal, and I have never had a problem cutting that to what feels reasonable to me. The food is still fabulous.

                      And apparently, I have eight months to create a space on my overstuffed-with-no-room-to-expand cookbook shelves for a book I will have no choice but to buy (not that I'm complaining!).

                      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                        Thanks to both of you. I haven't read the threads in depth.. I'll get those cookbooks out of the library again and read the COTM threads.. I do love the combinations of flavours that he uses. I was in London 18 months ago, and still regret that I didn't get to his restaurants..