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So you *would* eat dog... Why?

For those of you who answered that you would seek out dog if traveling in a country where it was available, for recreational purposes, not because you were starving...

Why? What about it appeals to you?

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  1. It's a form of meat, not uncommonly eaten by certain other cultures, that doesn't give me the heebie jeebies thinking about eating it. So, why not ?

    Really, how is your question any different than when applied to any food that you don't commonly eat, that is eaten by people in other cultures ? ie. how is your question any different if "dog" were replaced with "rabbit", "snake", "raw fish", "frog", "snails", "seaweed", "squid", "jellyfish" etc. ?

    In my mind, the question isn't "why ?" but rather "why not ?".

    1. Because it could be delicious.

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            In that case, I must be a...chow PIG.

          2. I don't know if I *would* eat it, but I would think it would be no different than eating other animals that people keep as pets, such as chickens, pigs, fish, etc.

            1. Because I like to try as many things as possible.

              1. I tried it once, and won't have it again because it had a smell similar to a live dog, in the same way that the smell of live pigs and cows shows up in the meat.
                I have watched farmers prepare pet rabbits or chickens for the table, but they don't have a strong live scent.

                1. I've had dog before, and horse and many other cultural edibles. The world is our table, why not try it? Local people are already eating it regularly, so why not.

                  1. The leash is the best part.

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                      Oh, c'mon, everyone knows it's a tie between the collar and the tail.