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Jan 4, 2012 09:33 AM

Girls Trip - Need Upscale Dinner Recs, Casual Lunches

Have scoured the boards and am still coming up short.

Going to vegas for a quick weekend in January.

There are 5 of us girls - need dinner for 2 nights and lunch for 2 days.

Must be on strip - we are not renting a car.

Would like upscale but not crazy expensive for dinner. No more than 100 per person inlcuding drinks. Even better if I could get a couple 60 - 75 pp recs.

Also some casual fun lunch places.

Any type of cuisine.

Please help! Thanks!

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  1. Have you considered Charlie Palmers in the Four Seasons? They were planning to return to their "Cut of the Week" special (3 courses) about now - $48/pp including bottomless wine with the first two courses.

    If you want a great 3 course lunch I would strongly recommend Milos at the Cosmopolitan. $20.12/pp. There are several posts on the board.

    There are many options - LV Hounds would be better able to recommend places if we knew where you were staying (do you want to pay for cabs?). And what options you have decided against in your scouring of the board.

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    1. re: Philber

      Thanks for your response.

      Charlie Palmer's could be an option except I live in DC and eat their frequently with clients.

      We are staying at Caesar's Palace...

      The partial list of places I have going including the following:

      Casual Options:
      No Name Pizza Place at the Cosmo
      Border Grill
      Hash House A Go Go

      Moderatly priced dinner options:
      Chino Poblano (Jose Andre's new place)
      Julian Serrano

      Upscale Options (that still keep in mind the 100pp limit)
      Hugo's Cellar
      Strip Steak
      Aureole Swan Court (though would this be difficult with 5 women to talk?)

      1. re: truestorytraveler

        Be aware that Hugo's is extremely old school, bordering on hokey - doesn't seem like the right vibe for a girls trip. It's also downtown, so you'd be looking at a somewhat long cab ride from the strip.

        1. re: rcurtism

          good to know
          okay then - will kick out Hugo's from the list...

          what else?

        2. re: truestorytraveler

          Mon Ami Gabi is a great spot for lunch.

          P.J. Clarkes would be fun for dinner, at Caesar's Palace.

          Border Grill over Hash House any day. How about Bouchon for Brunch instead of one of the lunches? The brunch menu is on their website.

          1. re: truestorytraveler

            I think Swan Court with drinks is going to be pushing your $100pp limit.
            Depending upon your definition of "girls night out", I'm not sure it really fits what you're looking for either. It's a calmer, quieter type of place; not that the main Aureole room is loud at all.

        3. Also, one caution is that there are no tables at the No Name Pizza place in the Cosmo -- just a few stools. Holstein's might be an option for you, especially if you are in the mood for a burger (not just beef ones) and fries, or a salad. JanetofReno just posted about an Italian restaurant in the Palazzo with good pizza. Terrific pizza can be found off-strip at Settebello in Green Valley or DeMarco's in Summerlin.

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          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Or try D.O.C.G. at Cosmo for a casual lunch. Also some quality pizza served in a sit down restaurant rather than fast-food style.


            1. re: Wabash70

              Wicked Spoon, although a buffet, can be fun. Jaleo as well at Cosmo. Overall can always see five girls loving Cosmo in general.Heading back in about a week and a half.have res at DelMonico. Have tried Sw,Cut,Craft,Carnevino so far. Craft leading that pack so far pack for me . great sides. Sea Blue at Mgm a nice spot with happy hour. Sage does have a tasting menu that will clock in around a hundred. Highly recommend Sage