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Jan 4, 2012 09:24 AM

Help - Searching for Specific Restaurant, Maybe in Newburyport Area

A couple of months ago I briefly saw a part of a TV show where they reviewed a restaurant, probably Irish. The food sounded great, they had quite a selection of scotch, and the décor seemed nice – but I never caught the name. I think it was in theNewburyport area, though it could have been Portsmouth, NH. I’d like to visit this place, if you think you know the name, your help would be very much appreciated – thanks!

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  1. The Port Tavern is located at 84 State Street in Newburyport, nice atmosphere and live Irish seisuin tonight at 7pm. R'I R'A Irish pub in Portsmouth is a bit less authentic and it typically has a younger crowd. Rory OConnor's in Georgetown is also nearby with a live seisuin on Sundays. Hope this helps!

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      Thanks, Dr - appreciate the help. Still, I don't know think these were the places I saw reviewed on TV (wish I could remember which show - doh!). The place put a big emphasis on different types of scotch and ahd some pretty distinct food. Regardless, thanks!

    2. checked back TV Diner: they mention a lot of dishes made with whiskey: Ri Ra, in an old bank building in Portsmouth
      Located right in Market Square in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it can be reached by calling 603-319-1680 or by visiting

      1. The Grog in Newburyport has hosted scotch dinners in the past:, but I think The Library in Portsmouth might be a better candidate, boasting " largest scotch and bourbon selections on the Seacoast and an award winning wine list":

        1. you could also try posting this on the Northern New England board if you haven't already....