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Jan 4, 2012 08:39 AM

What's Tokyo best sashimi?

Hi, my girlfriend and I will be in Tokyo this spring. We're big fans of sashimi and are wondering what's our best option in Tokyo. Maybe one of the starred sushi places? It the fish market? Any suggestion is welcome!

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  1. Sashimi is a part of Japanese meal, so you can find it as 'o-tsukuri' in a kaiseki meal, as 'tsumami' in a sushi-yasan omakase, in Izakaya... Also, you can have fun trying to distinguish the different cuts, like 'Ito-zukuri'(string cuts for squid), 'sakanami-giri'(wave cuts for octopus), 'kakuzukuri'(cube cuts for tuna).. 
    For a bit of variety, and to taste different garnish, try sashimi like 'maguro-nuta(raw tuna with sweet miso)', or seasonal sashimi 'su-zuke(lightly vinegar)' like Saba, sanma in autumn kohada and shinko in summer. I recommend you to try the Izakaya Shinsuke in Yushima (try to book the 1st floor if possible), and with the 'taru-sake(fresh sake)', it is a 'a la carte' and  cost usually under 6,000.-yens per person.

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      Thank you Ninisix, very informative.

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        The menu of Shinsuke, unfortunately, got shorter, even I felt it short ! For sashimi from 'Miura Peninsula' included in an affordable menu (5250/6300), I recommend you Kyobashi Matsuwa. They have also some speciality of roast fish head, and 'aji fry' - also it is necessary to ask for it when booking
        Sashimi plate per person (photo) menu 6300yens :
        Another speciality of Matsuwa, Saba oshi sush available from sept to november

      2. Check out this link from this blog, Luxeat.
        Aiste has translated Tablelog rankings with links and some great photography as well. Some very useful Tokyo info.
        Also don't forget for recs.