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Jan 4, 2012 08:34 AM

brunch in bucks county?

Anybody have a good recommendation for a ladies brunch with mimosas? Middle bucks or some montgomerywould be a goodlocation

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  1. How about NaBrasa or Buona Via in Horsham?
    I haven't been for brunch at either, but my dinners at both have been fabulous!

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      In Montco, William Penn Inn is an old standard for brunch. Very extensive buffet and hot prepared choices.

    2. Slate Bleu in Doylestown has a brunch menu on sundays and they have a full bar.

      (It's my favorite restaurant and everythnig is good there)

      1. Excellent brunch for $20- pp...1 Complimentary mimosa. Super good!

        1. Charcoal in Yardley has a very good brunch....specials and good basics like eggs benedict...also, had very good quiche and salad for brunch at Yardley Inn recently