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Jan 4, 2012 07:58 AM

super-delicious, super-flavourful broccoli recipe?

Anyone have a favourite?

Open to anything, but especially interested in recipes that might use more herbs, spices, wine, ginger, etc, and not as interested in recipes calling for a lot of cream.

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  1. It is simple but I love just tossing in the oven with some Evoo, galic, S&P and roasting and then I pull it out and top with some shaved parm.

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    1. re: hto44

      Thanks! How hot is your oven when you do this?

      1. re: prima

        I roast at 425 degrees for about 15-20 minutes but all ovens run differently so you may want to adjust accordingly. Also - depending how big the florets are will dictate how long it takes. I like it slightly tender but still with a crunch!

        1. re: hto44

          We do the same, but with some sweet onion petals and fresno chiles added. We don't do the garlic, though - I'm afraid I will burn it and make it bitter.

          1. re: sandylc

            This is one of the few instances where I use garlic powder.

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        My wife prepares broccoli in a similar way 'senza' (without) salt and pepper, but with extra virgin olive oil and garlic slivers. Our twin grandsons, aged 3 and a half, love the stuff.

        1. re: ChiliDude

          A sprinkle of panko breads crumbs to the roasted version is super!

      3. Yes. It's from Cook's Illustrated. Preheat the oven to 450 or 475, put a baking sheet in there to get hot. Toss a bunch of cut up broccoli (they have a very specific way of cutting it so that there are lots of flat surfaces) with 2 TBS. olive oil, 1-2 TBS. sugar and a bit of salt and pepper. When the oven is ready, pour the broccoli onto the hot baking sheet and bake for about 10-12 minutes. You want the broccoli to be tender and sort of caramelized. It's a lovely, sweet, roasty flavor. Easy, healthy and my 2 kids eat it right up, as do the grown ups!!

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        1. re: saintp

          Thank you! I have roasted broccoli, but haven't tried adding sugar.

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            I was going to suggest this recipe; it is the BEST

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              I'm so boring and lazy that I usually just steam my broccoli, but I tried this tonight and wow, so delicious and easy. I could have gobbled it all standing there with pan in hand! This will be my new standard for simple broccoli side. Thanks!

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                I tried this last night as a side dish with grilled New York Strip Steaks and it was easy and excellent.

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                  I think the original recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon of sugar:

                  1. re: saintp

                    the Cook's Illustrated Recipe calls for 1/2 tsp of sugar to boost the carmelizing process...not 1-2 TBS....makes quite a difference.


                    1. re: prima

                      Liked the idea of Broccoli a La Catalan. The version I made included onions, garlic, crushed chilies, raisins, toasted pine nuts and white wine.
                      Here's a similar Italian recipe, using Broccoli Rabe

                    2. I parboil the broccoli, cut it into pieces and then fry in olive oil until brown at which point I add a lot of sliced garlic and let it cook until done. Add salt and pepper and Pecorino Romano, mix with penne and enough pasta water to make a sauce and you have a vegetarian pasta. Add browned sausage and you have a hearty dish. Just had it last night with broccoli side shoots from the Farmers' Market and it was incredible.

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                      1. I love broccoli slaw - maybe more during summer than now, but it's good to have on your backburner. Shred raw broccoli into a bowl, then toss in diced shallots, currants and almonds. Make a dressing of mayo, yogurt, sugar, salt and pepper, and a touch of lemon juice or cider vinegar. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy.

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                          another broccoli slaw
                          mix bagged broccoli slaw w/refrigerated poppy seed dressing. My go-to