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Jan 4, 2012 07:25 AM

Looking to Buy Pig Cheeks for Rillettes Recipe....Wegman's Malvern does not have them..

So...any kind souls out in the Philly area have any idea of where I can purchase Pig's cheeks meat? I am willing to go anywhere between the Malvern area and Philly. I don't have a butcher near me but am now trying to find one. I'll tell you--as much as I am a fan of Wegman's, I'm slightly dissappointed that I cannot find "different" cuts of meats. They don't even carry oxtails in Malvern's store--but I did find beef bones for marrow. Anyway, any info will be greatly appreciated!

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    1. Try Kolb Brothers in Spring City. They accept custom orders up until Saturday. They butcher on Tuesdays, and you can pick up after something like 10 am on Wednesday.

      Kolb Bros.
      431 Stony Run Rd
      Spring City, PA 19475
      (610) 948-3370

      1. Esposito's in Italian market should have them as well as Cannuli's