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Jan 4, 2012 07:10 AM

Best lunch choice on Kent Island

have been to Harris and the crab deck. Have heard lots of good things about The Narrows. Going with around 15 to 20 people for lunch this Saturday to The Bridges. Any comments?

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  1. The cream of crab soup at The Narrows is sublime. Their crab cakes are very good as well.

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      I spent Xmas weekend on the shore, and stopped at the Narrows on the way out. Spectacular cream of crab soup and crab cakes.

      On the way back on the 26th, Waterman's was still closed, so we stopped at the Narrows again!

    2. Skip all of the usual suspects at Kent Narrows and go to the Kentmorr Restaurant south on MD 8, just on the other side of the Bay Bridge. Best seafood on the island, casual atmosphere.

      1. I'd agree with the other posts. For a nicer lunch with a large group, the Narrows is a great choice, especially the crab cakes cream of crab soup (although not technically on Kent Island). Kentmoor would also be a great choice if you wanted seafood in a more casual setting. I also though I'd mention in this thread given the title, if you ever find your self on Kent Island by yourself needing a quick lunch, Capriotti's sub shop opened there last year and I absolutely love their Phildadelphia-style hoagies.

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          i know capriotti's since they are in Bethany Beach as well as Oxford, PA near my kids summer camp and they do have great subs including the Bobby (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo) and the Capastrami (pastrami, cheese, coleslaw, russian dressing) to go along with the usual suspect cheese steaks and italian hoagies.

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            Bridges seems over rated. The food can be a hit or a miss. A better choice is the newly rebuilt Hemingways with new owner, management, chef's and menu. The lunch menu is priced very well. I keep getting stuck ordering the same thing. The crab cake app. at 10 bucks is great and beautifully presented. And then the Blackened Rockfish taco's wist sweet potato frie's, My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And of course Capriotti's!!!! for a quick but great sub. Capiststrami anyone??? Just make sure you order a large sub. That way you'll get at least 3 meals for the price of one!

        2. What did you think of Bridges?

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            it was ok for lunch. we had a party of 22 and sat in their glass sunroom with a water view. Drinks were good including a very good cherry mojito, Appetizers were better than the main courses. Good tuna sashimi, very good panko encrusted fried oysters, good fried calamari, ok crab dip, fair crab cake and fair rockfish tacos. all in all we thought it was ok for lunch but probably just average for dinner but would definitely do drinks and appetizers there

            1. re: dining with doc

              Thanks doc , I'm going back to bridges this weekend and will stick with the apps. I think. I did go to The Narrows Sat. and the crarbcake was as good as one can be made with imported crabmeat but was not very well seasoned. The standout was the "special" seared scallop app. . They were,bar none, the best scallops I've ever eaton. Instead of truly searing them they had grilled them on the outside "round" then sliced them in half giving a few seconds of grill time on both sides served over blanched spinach leaf and drizzled with a balsamic sauce and small chopped strawberries. UNBELIEVABLE..... But again with the main being soo forgetable.......
              I mentioned Hemingways in the last note but we whom went to The Narrows sat. had a talk after the meal, then a vote. The verdict by all was that if your going for simply the best food in the Kent Island area it was the newly opened "4 Seasons Bistro" .There is no view nor sunroom but the food is outstanding. The apps. are great but the mains even better. The fresh, flash fried calimari served with three sauces and the Scallop Napoleon apps. are what I keep ordering as apps. . The Veal Chesapeake with a Sambuca sauce is excelant as is the spinach stuffed eggplant. Even the beginning of service with warm rolls served with a small plate full of first press olive oil a warm butter ball and shavings of sundried tomato impresses.
              Well, I've just talked myself into dinner tonight.... Off I go.....

          2. I have become rather partial to Kentmorr Marina. There are a lot of good choices on Kent I. but Kentmorr is consistent.

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              Have you tried 4 seasons bistro?