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Jun 5, 2006 03:15 PM

Biggs on Saturday Night

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I know that Biggs has gotten a mixed review from the Long Beach hounds, but I was there Saturday night and it was phenomenal...again!

The chef was doing an amazing special of seared tuna with a wasabi foam that was unreal. The two dishes that you simply can't get anywhere else, or at least not nearly as good, again were great, the grilled cheese and clams & chorizo - they are simply fantastic. The winelist is definitely lacking, but each time I go I forget how great the fresh fruit cocktails are - and they more than make up for the lack of a winelist. Although, I still think the table red they serve for $15 is a great deal and goes great with the style of eating and food.

And really where else can you get that kind of meal - even in L.A. - at just before midnight?

- oh, and the decor and vibe is the sexiest anywhere in Long Beach.

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  1. Biggs is one of the jewels of Southern California, Thank god it's in Long Beach; if it were in West L.A., you'd never get in.

    1. I felt the same way, as far as the food, service and drinks went, but when not only my sister, but two of her friends as well had their credit cards charged THREE times wwith no response or call back from the management, my opinion quickly cchanged. Watch out for that!!

      1. How does Bigg's clams & chorizo compare with the version at Hungry Cat? I crave that dish often but can't always make it out to Hollywood.

        1. Went last night (Wed) as a group of 5. First ones at the rest. at 6:00. Paper tablecloth had a stain on it. Surprised at short wine list and ordereda bottle - out of it. If you have a short wine list (5 reds) shouldn't you have them all? Also no diet soda for one in our party. Ordered the Sulumi plate and it was good. The menu has recently changed and tehy have gotten away from teh "small plate' concept and now it is similar to other rest. We were looking for Tapas style so a little dissapointed. Only the Salumi and Cheese plate looked they tehy were for sharing.
          It took a while for the waiter to finally take our order for entrees. Then the problems really began. When the entrees came out, they only got three of the orders correct. Two teh our party had to wait 10 more minutes for their entrees. They did leave the incorrect "clam/chorizo/crab" entree for teh table at no charge. they also said they would comp dessert, but I didn't see teh bill so can't confirm.

          Jidori chicken was great and I would give them another try on the service side just to tray that again. Mushroom ravioli appetizer as a main was dissapointing. Pasta seemed dried out. Sirloin burger looked good and the fries got rave reviews. Baked snapper in parchment was good but notheing great. I thought desserts were uninspired with a sundae, ice cream sandwiches, Blackberry tart, a bread pudding, and one other.

          All in all not a very good experience. It was comfortable however and we ended up spending nearly 3 hours so the vibe was good. Like I said, I would give it another chance because those nights happen (if youve waited tables you know).