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xlrge and small slow cooker rec - ATK?

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I am looking to buy one of those really large roaster slow cooker for when I want to do a pork shoulder (large one) or large batch of soup or chili for office/home parties.
Also looking for a smaller (more normal) one to cook for four people. I was looking at the Kitchen Aid ones but they can be pricey. Not sure what are the recommended brands. My 25 year old one from my bridal shower just gave out (thank goodness, because those pink and blue flowers just don't cut it any more!).

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  1. Bumping up; I have been reading the threads from my searches, but there isn't a whole lot of discussion and posts are dated.

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        Never seen those; could they be used for a larger buffet for chili or soup or stews? I kind of like their shallowness to make them more versatile for roasts or pork shoulder too.

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          I don't own one myself, but my cousin does and uses it for the holidays and other large family get togethers. You can use them like a slow cooker or roaster since they go from 200 -450. Since you said you were looking for one that is really large, I thought you meant bigger than the typical large slow cooker/crock pot which is 6-8 quarts. I have two 6 quart slow cookers and the Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 which comes with 2, 4 and 6 quart crocks.

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            I did want a really large one like that. That brand is the one to go with? They seem pretty inexpensive compared to the smaller ones. That 3 in 1 looks appealing. Onward with my search. Thanks for the info!

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              It isn't the only brand - quick Amazon search will find many.

              They are great - you can use it for a turkey on thanksgiving if you need the oven space - or for a large batch of something else. They don't have the same controls as the new crock pots (such as a timer, or switching to low once a certain amount of time, or a probe attachment, etc) so are a little more "old school" in that regard. They also don't have just a "Hi/Lo" setting as some of the old school crock pots. But you can control the temp like you would in an oven. I also use mine for large batches of sous vide (but I have a controller for that, so just a side note).

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                  Rival 22 quart roaster

                  But I can't say I did a ton of research when I bought it. But it works fine for me.