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Jan 3, 2012 09:33 PM

Romesco's vs Urban Solace for noise level

I am going out for dinner on a Saturday night around 6:30 pm and wondering how noisy Romesco's is. I don't need it dead quiet (ie: candlelight, hushed, solemn, etc) but reasonable un-noisy enough so I do not have to shout across the table and still strain to understand my friend. We had a terrific dinner at Urban Solace and would consider going again (it was on the loud side for a Friday night but do-able) but have been wanting to check out Romesco's.


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  1. Noise level at Romesco's is pretty managable. I've never had to shout across the table

    1. As long as you eat in the main dining area you will be fine. Keep in mind they do have live music in the dining area on at least Thursday nights ( a bolero band) but nothing too loud, You would most definitely want to avoid the back room area which does have tables but more resembles a bar.

      1. BTW, you must get their Caesar salad--same original recipe as the one in TJ. Make sure to get a full order....highly recommend a couple of appetizers--ahi tostada and gobernadores tacos....they also carry some outstanding Baja wines, Santo Tomas in particular that I find consistently good. From here you're on your own.

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        1. I went about a month ago on a wednesday with a loud group. My friends wife has a nice system where she makes sure he has a hanky to suck on when he starts laughing too loud. We had a nice Nebbiolo that carried the evening.