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Jan 3, 2012 08:56 PM

Healdsburg area local meat sources

I have visitors from out of town and we are going to taste some Dry Creek/Russian River wines and then have lunch in Healdsburg. What my friends are hoping for is local lamb and/or beef to prepare for the next home meal and enjoy with wines we may purchase. I have browsed old Chowhounds postings and seen older mentions of Big Johns but no real mention of butcher shops around Healdsburg or that might be convenient to our west side of 101 drive.

Any ideas about where to get lamb and beef, preferably local but particularly of quality in this area?

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  1. If you're starting from somewhere south of Santa Rosa, you can't beat Bud's Custom Meats, a short detour off 101, add about half a mile to the trip.

    Bud's Custom Meats
    7750 Petaluma Hill Rd, Penngrove, CA

    1. Isn't Freestone Ranch somewhere near there?