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Jan 3, 2012 08:46 PM

Chopped 1/3/2012 -- spoilers

With the variety of judges that they use on Chopped, why oh why did they opt to have Marcus Samuelsson juding a sous chef from Aquavit? That just totally ruined any credibility Chopped may have ever had for me.

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  1. Once my all time favorite show on Food Netork, Chopped is getting predictable, stale, and it all just pisses me off! Scott Conant is the worse judge ever. An absolute authority on Italian? Pffft! The only real authorities are actual Italian chefs. I've nothing against the lesbian chef who won, but I did not think her food was better than the other guy's (sorry, can't remember their names!). She freaking cooked her meat unevenly, did not highlight the guancile, and her ice cream was stiff +non-crispy tuile. I'm Filipino and we treat fruits all the time with liquids and dairy and that chocolate truffle looked so good! Yet the these same three (Marcus, Scott, and Geoffrey) seemed to be repeating themselves since they allowed another lesbian previously to win (that episode felt rigged from the start since they were constantly oohing and ahhing her dishes). Again I have nothing against gay or lesbian chefs (Iron Chef Cat Cora, one of my favorites, is a wonderful chef who is doing the LGBT community proud). Its just that I felt the episode again was definitely catering too hard to appeal to the LGBT demographic, which is unfair to the otherwise more deserving chefs who, in my book, should have had their talents recognized and not sacrificed for viewership

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            She talked about her girlfriend, etc. And it's true that the Aquavit conflict should have at least been acknowledged. But first, Marcus was actually harder on her than the other judges, both in terms of food and her attitude, and second, until Food Network makes it possible for viewers to taste the food themselves, we have no ability to judge whose food is best. She made very unique food, unlike a lot of what you usually see on Chopped, which I'm sure got her far. And if she's a sous chef at Aquavit, she's clearly got talent. To automatically jump to her sexual identity is definitely not in order.

            1. re: Jeebs

              err the contestant dropped it into the conversation about 8 times!

              I wish they could keep personal info out of these food competitions, I do NOT spend my day talking about doing my job for my family, it's stating the obvious.

              1. re: smartie

                You are NOT on TV or being asked to do just that by the producers. LOL!

                1. re: smartie

                  Sure, she made it clear. Just like others talk about their dead parents/grandparents, their children, etc. But to automatically assume that her victory is purely based on her sexuality is pretty unsubstantiated. It's not like she made a grilled cheese and won. She was pretty talented.

            2. Firegoat, I had the same shocked reaction when I saw Marcus as a judge and the first contestant was a sous chef from Aquavit. Maybe Marcus is not spending a great deal of time there and is focusing on his other restaurants. In any case, it would have been most professional to not have him judging this episode.

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              1. re: Dee S

                Yes, Marcus judging the Aquavit chef was a problem for me, too. I didn't pick up on the rest of the LGBT stuff though.

                1. re: jeanmarieok

                  That doesn't matter one bit to me. She looked happy with her girlfriend and honestly, being happy is important. Who you're happy with is irrelevant, IMHO.

              2. It mostly bothered me that all the judges liked the "smoky" note that the guanciale gave the dish, when guanciale is NOT smoked. That worked against the cred of all three, IMHO. Here is a link to Mario Batali's Babbo recipe, but you can look it up anywhere.