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Jan 3, 2012 08:46 PM

request: recipe for cornbread stuffing

Does anyone have a homemade recipe for cornbread stuffing. Had it years ago down south and after coming back up north, I just haven't found the right recipe. Help!

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  1. I use a mix for the cornbread because I like it pretty sweet. Then I saute chopped onion and celery in lots of butter, add plumped dried cherries and cranberries, toasted pecans, cornbread in crumble and bigger pieces, salt and pepper and fresh sage, binding it all together with enough chicken stock to make it moist but not wet. Proportions are up to you but that's the basics for me.

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      I first make a cornbread I follow the directions offered by Indian Head cornmeal. let the cornbread dry out crumble then add to the sauted vegetables and herbs .I think dried cornbread is essential

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        I agree with drying the cornbread. I always make it a day or night before and let it sit out on the counter, then crumble in a large bowl. I also add some dried out white bread (about 1/6 of total cornbread, which is 2-3 pieces of white sandwich bread). I saute the veggies (mix of celery, onion, green onion, maybe some garlic and/or shallots and/or leeks) in half and half butter and oil until wilted. Then I mix with breads and season the daylights out of it and then add lots of good stock so it's goupy, then cover and refrigerate for at least a 4-6 hours or overnight again, if you have time. I sometimes add chopped giblets to the veg mix, and even chopped hard boiled eggs sometimes, which are holdovers from my grandmother but sometimes get mixed reviews from others.

        When I lived in the US, I always used Jiffy cornbread mix because we also like it sweet, but it's not available here and I've gone away from using any prepared foods/mixes during recent years, so I just use a good Southern cornbread recipe that includes rough ground cornmeal and flour with a bit of sugar.

    2. Mine isn't southern, but it's delicious. I mix the cornbread with sauteed onions, sage and prosciutto. Another good option is with caramelized onions, bacon and roasted butternut squash cubes.

      1. This is the recipe I grew up with, from my very southern grandmother. My favorite stuffing, although you definitely need to let it cook for awhile. It's actually copied directly from an email from mom. Although, this is technically dressing, as I don't stuff the bird with it.

        2 c. corn meal
        1 c. flour
        1/4 c. sugar
        4 t. baking powder
        1/2 t. salt
        2 eggs
        1 c. milk
        1/4 c. vegetable oil

        Corn Bread broken up into small pieces
        4 slices trimmed white toast, broken up
        large onion, chopped
        2 c. celery chopped
        2 t. parsley, chopped
        Salt and pepper to taste
        2 t. bacon grease
        3-4 c, hot chicken broth
        3 eggs, beaten

        For corn bread, mix all ingredients in a bowl and beat. Put into a greased 9" - square pan and bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes.

        For dressing, saute celery and onions in bacon grease until transparent -- about 10 minutes. Add cornbread, bread, parsley, salt and pepper and broth until mixture is moist. Turn off fire, cover and place on back of stove for 3-5 hours. Mix in eggs and put in a casserole, baking 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Serves 8-10

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          thank you very much!!! This is the recipe I had been looking for!!!!

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            You're welcome! Definitely let us know how it goes!

        2. I make cornbread and then cube it and toast it in the oven. Then I add sautéed veggies, the usual onion, celery, one bunch of scallions and poultry seasoning with others that change up each year. Then I add cooked sausage. Mix well and moisten lightly with chicken stock. Do not make mush! Then I bake it in the oven at 350.

          1. The cornbread stuffing I learned from my mother includes sauteed chopped onion and celery, salt & pepper & a little fresh sage, and also raisins, chopped chestnuts, and sometimes chopped apples. All mixed up with enough stock/broth to moisten it well. Egg optional.