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Jan 3, 2012 08:37 PM

RIP: Jolly Burger (Citrus Heights)

What a shame. These guys really tried to make this place a place for fine food but, it just didn't happen. Shame. Neiman ranch beef, the best pulled pork ever and the usual frosty items. So sad.

Nice effort though to bring some great food to the area instead of the usual blase food round these parts.

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  1. What happened?? I went with my family a couple months ago to get a burger and rootbeer freeze. The drink was awful! Their shake machine had broken down or it was being cleaned, can't remember. There was a younger couple running things behind the counter. Several potential customers left when they found out about the shakes :( There was another hamburger place on Auburn Blvd, but can't remember the name. It wasn't the other hole in the wall down the street, but a chain, I believe. I wonder if they're any good?

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      Lou's Burger is the one down the street. And compared not even close.

      Jolly might have had a bad day there but they are far superior to Sams (Lou's).

      Jolly used Neiman Ranch beef, fresh ice cream and had inventive specials like the chicken tacos, or the pulled pork sand. But they could never get away from being a frosty...

    2. News going around the Internet today (Nov. 18, 2012) announces jolly Burger has re-opened again under new ownership!!!

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      1. re: SacNews

        Yeah saw the sign this morning. Wonder who bought it?

      2.'s back from the dead again. I just noticed a few days ago it has re-opened.

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          I wonder what sort of life support it is on.

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            Don't know...but I'm scared to eat there...the last two times I have, it closed a few weeks later.

        2. Jolly Burger re-opened (again) several months ago under yet another new ownership.