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Jan 3, 2012 07:49 PM

Source for landjaeger near MSP/St. Paul?

Anyone know of a source for landjaeger near MSP/St. Paul? I haven't seen any at the meat markets I frequent here in the cities and am thinking I may have to venture out of the cities. I did come across a place in New Ulm last summer that was selling what they were calling landjaeger, but it was not at all like the landjaeger I'm familiar with from various meat markets in Wisconsin...dried, rectangular sausages.


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  1. All in Northeast:

    Kramarczuk's has the best, made in house.

    Sentyrz makes theirs in-house, also very good.

    Surdyk's has the Nueskes landjagers.

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      Outstanding! Thanks for the info. Looking forward to hitting Kramarczuk's this weekend.