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Jan 3, 2012 05:51 PM

DTW Downtown Cafe in Rochester

Have not seen it mentioned on here thought maybe this is a gem my fellow foodies have overlooked.

I seen the thread on the Chocolate Gallery Cafe which sounds a little like what I am talking about the Downtown Cafe which is located in Downtown Rochester 606 N. Main to be exact.

This is a very nice although small breakfast and lunch spot with top notch items all homemade.

Real Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs
Eggs Benedict done right
Cream Brulee French Toast
Michigan Pancakes
Wonderful French Onion soup etc. etc. etc.

If anyone has been there would love to hear your input, if not give it a try.


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  1. Michigan pancakes??? Tell me more ...

    1. Have not even heard of this! My daughter is coming to town...maybe we'll check it out. Although she's looking for mom's home cooking.

      Just looked it up....I've passed this a lot while riding the bike trail...didn't remember the name. I've always been interested so I'll make a point now to stop.

      1. Very quaint owner/operator with one server. Good parking behind. Very clean. Mostly focused on breakfast and they close at 3pm. I had the French Onion soup today and it was clearly house made. Unfortunately the thyme got away in the broth and the croutons and had to be sent back. They took the info politely and took it off the bill. Then adult grilled cheese sandwich which was unfortunately ranch toast and kraft slices. I think that if one stays in breakfast land this would be a fun place. They have a small patio and on a warm day would be worth the drive as Rochester is very cool unto itself.

        1. Michigan pancakes have apples, walnuts, and cherries in them. Thanks for the input goatgolfer to bad on the French Onion Soup I have had it several times and usually has a nice deep broth with a touch of Thyme but nothing overpowering.
          I would agree that breakfast is their forte and is what I usually gravitate to when I go. I have also found that what is on the specials board above the service area is usually your best option on that day instead of the daily menu.