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Jan 3, 2012 05:32 PM

Where to buy all-butter frozen puff pastry in Seattle?

I am planning to make a French Epiphany cake (galette des rois) and need some store-bought frozen puff pastry. The stores near me sell only stuff made with oil, not butter. Amazon Fresh is out of stock on their DuFour all-butter puff pastry. Anyone know of a place to get it? Close to West Seattle would be ideal, but downtown could also work. I appreciate the help.

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  1. I'm surprised Met Market doesn't have it. Maybe PFI? I'm pretty sure they have puff, not sure if it's all butter.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      Met Market does carry DuFour. I bought some there last Friday.

    2. Trader Joes has an all butter PP. It does have some sugar, but that shouldn't matter in your use. It used to be a seasonal thing (Christmas), though the Lynnwood seems to be carrying it longer than in the past. The University District one may be closest to you.

      1. Big John's PFI has butter puff pastry sheets in their freezer case.

        1. Doesn't Grand Central sell their puff pastry frozen? Might be an option...

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          1. Paris Grocery on Western Ave. near Pike Place Mkt has the good stuff, perfect for this recipe.