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Jan 3, 2012 04:31 PM

Friday dinner - the Inbal, David Citadel or the King David?

I need to book a Friday dinner without walking very far. Which one has the best food? Or is there a choice in that I have overlooked.

We'll be jet-lagged, staying in Yemen Moshe and won't wish to walk very far that evening.

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  1. I personally love the Kind David,but the food at the Inbal is always great as well. I think both of those options are better than David Citadel.

    Good choices to have!

    1. I personally love the king david. It was waiter service. the inbal was buffet. I went on my cousins recommendation the second shabbat to the inbal and i was not impressed. we also loved dan panoama.

      1. From the choices you presented, King David. Food and atmosphere is great. You have to prepay with their banquet department a few days in advance. Space is limited and they meet the reservation demands of the guests staying there first.

        I had an amazing weekday dinner at Rooftop in the Mamilla Hotel. I very interested in trying Shabbat dinner at Mamilla on my next trip. I think Rooftop is closed for Shabbat, but the hotel dining room is open.

        1. Thank you all. I haven't been to the Mamilla Hotel, so perhaps we'll try that. thanks for pointiong out a place I hadn't thought of.

          So many good choices, so few days in Jerusalem....

          1. Mamila is buffet, but very good. Also a very nice all-Israeli wine list.