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Friday dinner - the Inbal, David Citadel or the King David?

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I need to book a Friday dinner without walking very far. Which one has the best food? Or is there a choice in that I have overlooked.

We'll be jet-lagged, staying in Yemen Moshe and won't wish to walk very far that evening.

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  1. I personally love the Kind David,but the food at the Inbal is always great as well. I think both of those options are better than David Citadel.

    Good choices to have!

    1. I personally love the king david. It was waiter service. the inbal was buffet. I went on my cousins recommendation the second shabbat to the inbal and i was not impressed. we also loved dan panoama.

      1. From the choices you presented, King David. Food and atmosphere is great. You have to prepay with their banquet department a few days in advance. Space is limited and they meet the reservation demands of the guests staying there first.

        I had an amazing weekday dinner at Rooftop in the Mamilla Hotel. I very interested in trying Shabbat dinner at Mamilla on my next trip. I think Rooftop is closed for Shabbat, but the hotel dining room is open.

        1. Thank you all. I haven't been to the Mamilla Hotel, so perhaps we'll try that. thanks for pointiong out a place I hadn't thought of.

          So many good choices, so few days in Jerusalem....

          1. Mamila is buffet, but very good. Also a very nice all-Israeli wine list.

            1. I always take buffet, besides the superior number of eating options, I can have as much of what I want.

              I remember the best wedding that I attended was one given by the rabbi of my shul, it was buffet only with a vast number of stations. Clearly more enjoyable than the traditional slow and limited choices offered with waiter based service.

              Last time I was in Israel I went to the Inbal for Friday night dinner. The food was delicious and what I liked the best that besides the dinner offerings (I chose chicken liver in mushroom sauce in a pastry puff, chicken soup, duck, steak and leg of lamb) they also had buffet of sushi, salads, carving stations and lots of desert offerings. Best of both worlds!

              1. Spent a week at King David last year, and aside from being repeatedly blown away by breakfast buffet- too many choices to list, could've fed entire nation at the cheese table alone- Friday night dinner was also fantastic, including a sous-vide entree, which I've yet to see used at any other kosher establishment. But seriously- breakfast.

                1. We ate at the Mamilla on Friday evening; it was very, very good. I do think buffets are hard for a chef, the main courses especially. The most memorable dishes were served cold or at room temperature, beef carpaccio, seared tuna, some wonderful salads, and fabulous desserts.

                  The King David, Saturday lunch, was disappointingly pedestrian. Several of the salads were very good, and I enjoyed the cholent (nothing unusual, I like cholent) and chicken in a savory (not sweet0 apricot sauce.