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Jan 3, 2012 04:28 PM

Sufficiently Noisy Sushi (without compromising quality of food)?

Headed to sushi with friends from out of town. I'm not usually a west-sider, but have enjoyed some outstanding meals at Nishino, Mashiko and Kisaku. While we're not rowdy (a la college aged saki-bombs) but at the same time I can see us having some sake and doing some serious laughing. At the same time, we really appreciate a good meal.

I think of my last visits to Kisaku and Nishino, and I think we would be disruptive. Wanting to stay downtown and not deal with getting to West Seattle. Any suggestions on a decent omakase in a lively atmosphere? Japonessa? Umi Sushi House? I haven't been to either, so I'm looking for your direction.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Can't comment on the omakase but what about Nijo? I have never been disappointed.

      1. Umi and Nijo are both plenty loud and still manage to do great food. I hear good things about Wasabi Bistro, but it's TOO loud for me. My multiple experiences at Japonessa, while plenty loud have been near inedibly bad combined with god-awful service.

        1. Would be glad to hear where you ended up....

          1. I've seen some lively parties at Kisaku, unlikely to be a problem. If you feel self-conscious, you could ask for the back room.

            Japonessa and Umi are certainly more typically raucous in my experience, but not as good (food or service), unless you're specifically looking for a nouveau sushi experience.