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Sufficiently Noisy Sushi (without compromising quality of food)?

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Headed to sushi with friends from out of town. I'm not usually a west-sider, but have enjoyed some outstanding meals at Nishino, Mashiko and Kisaku. While we're not rowdy (a la college aged saki-bombs) but at the same time I can see us having some sake and doing some serious laughing. At the same time, we really appreciate a good meal.

I think of my last visits to Kisaku and Nishino, and I think we would be disruptive. Wanting to stay downtown and not deal with getting to West Seattle. Any suggestions on a decent omakase in a lively atmosphere? Japonessa? Umi Sushi House? I haven't been to either, so I'm looking for your direction.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Can't comment on the omakase but what about Nijo? I have never been disappointed.

      1. Umi and Nijo are both plenty loud and still manage to do great food. I hear good things about Wasabi Bistro, but it's TOO loud for me. My multiple experiences at Japonessa, while plenty loud have been near inedibly bad combined with god-awful service.

        1. Would be glad to hear where you ended up....

          1. I've seen some lively parties at Kisaku, unlikely to be a problem. If you feel self-conscious, you could ask for the back room.

            Japonessa and Umi are certainly more typically raucous in my experience, but not as good (food or service), unless you're specifically looking for a nouveau sushi experience.

            1. Thanks for your help. We ended up at Nishino, but didn't arrive until 8 and closed the place down at 11:30. Were the last table for probably the last hour...but staff was very gracious and didn't make us feel like they were packing it in and we were keeping them from the end of their work day. And the later seating didn't make us feel like we were too obnoxious.

              We did the regular omakase, with a few requests that would have been a part of the "exceptional omakase". It was a fantastic meal. My personal favorites were the foie gras/mushroom reduction sushi and the ginger crab cake.

              I'm mentally planning a return visit soon. It was that good.

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                although I haven't been myself, Momiji's in Capitol Hill boasts an omakase meal and is by the owners of Umi.

                also Moshi moshi's in Ballard has a good scene and a decent sushi bar. my gf am I sat at the bar and asked the chef for an omakase meal while they conversed in japanese. it was a great meal for about $40/person