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Jan 3, 2012 04:28 PM

January Bon Appétit -- not bad, not bad at all...

I think BA is on an upward swing - the January issue has interesting recipes and feature articles (a very nice one on La Grenouille in NYC, and one on Martin Picard's cabane à sucre restaurant, for example), and is the first place I've read that there's a new Ottolenghi cookbook coming out (on the food of Jerusalem, for joy for joy). The editor's commentary is a bit on the too too side, but in general it's worthwhile reading. Check it out.

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  1. I agree...thought it was a great issue, lots of interesting made me go out and purchase Plenty, and I've made a bunch of those recipes, good stuff! The info on their "Food Lovers Cleanse" was also really good, and I've tried a few of those dishes as well. The article on Thai cooking was also nice, although the formatting made me think it was an advertisement at first!

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      Good to know. Mine hasn't arrived yet. I thought the last couple of issues were better as well.

      I just have to remember to rip out the perfume ad as soon as it arrives ;o)

      1. re: Manassas64

        I actually saved my December issue (something I don't do, I just rip the recipes I want out and toss the rest). It was cookie heavy and I am a cookie baker and felt a lot of those recipes looked like keepers.

    2. I thought it showed a lot of improvement. The article about the Thai food and Pok Pok restaurant prompted me to check out their website, they have some wonderful looking dishes. I need to give the fish sauce chicken wings a go sometime soon.
      I was really disappointed by some of the issues from summer and fall, but this one was a very enjoyable read.