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Jan 3, 2012 04:26 PM

Bulgogi burning

How do I cook bulgogi without getting a lot of burnt sugar soon after ?

Every recipe I've seen has enough sugar to burn very quickly before the batch is complete or at least to make a serious burnt bits mess.

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  1. Is the meat sliced thinly enough? I've never burnt bulgogi, but the key is to make sure it cooks before it burns. If you're not getting really thin meat, then find a new butcher or partially freeze it and slice it yourself to make sure.

    1. Meat for Bulgogi should be sliced less than 1/4 inch thick which means it cooks very quickly.
      I have cooked it as stir fry, on the grill, in a hot skillet, under the broiler, and have never had a problem unless I just space out and let it go.
      In stir fry the marinade and meat juices provide enough of a sauce to prevent burning, on the grill or under the broiler the meat should be thoroughly cooked in just a couple minutes.
      Frying in a skillet can be a little tricky, but if you do not overcrowd (just a few pieces at a time) the meat will be done before burning. (use one or two pieces to "mop" the skillet before the next batch)

      1. Just want to say that I had some Bulgogi a few days ago. Awesome.

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          i will be having some friday, agreed, awesome :P

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            Hi Terret,

            Are you guys going to make some? Or are you going to a local Korean restaurant? I just looked up a few recipes for Bulgogi. The ingredient does not look very complicated.

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              I am sure we will make it someday, but will be in Toronto friday and there is a great korean area there so will go to our favourite korean restaurant and have it

        2. Most recipes have way too much sugar, but if you like it that way the short answer is you can't. If you're cooking at home broil it in the oven or use a non-stick pan.

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            the problem is not really the meat but the grates or pan used is usually quickly coated with the burnt marinade, only good for one use.
            some of the best I have had was coated with a nice sticky sauce after which I am sure was not part of the cooking process.