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Jan 3, 2012 04:17 PM

Korean fried chicken in NoVa?

Is there other K-fried chicken in NoVa besides BonChon? I had Bonchon in Dubai. It was okay. The best I have had was a mom and pop run place in Texas. It was kind of like really spicy bone-in American-Chinese type General Tso's, very crispy and well seasoned. I would love to get something like that in NoVa. I will try BonChon in Fairfax now that I know it is there, but I am wondering what other options there are.

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  1. There is a new place in Loehmann's Plaza on Rte 50 in Falls Church called the Ultimate Chicken Bistro. $16 for a whole chicken, which I think is less expensive than Bon Chon, and it doesn't take as much time to prepare, so it is more convenient. However, maybe it is not as good. The preparation is 'wetter' than Bon Chon. Makes me want to retry Bon Chon.

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    1. re: Steve

      Thanks, I'll check it out. The K-fried chicken at Ultimate Chicken Bistro is served whole or it is an entire chicken cut into 8-12 pieces?

      1. re: luckyfatima

        You can get an order of popcorn chicken, just one or two pieces of chicken, or you can get a half or whole chicken. The whole is cut up into a bunch of smaller pieces, at least 12. They also serve a variety of other preparations, like Italian or French!

        1. re: Steve

          i stopped into Ultimate Chicken Bistro yesterday, looked over the menu, and asked if they had the Korean fried chicken as a quarter, or anything smaller than half, and was told that they didn't. How do you get one or two pieces of chicken (unless a half is one piece and a whole is two pieces)?

          I just want a LITTLE food for lunch, and not two meals. Wah!!!

          1. re: MikeR

            They definitely have popcorn chicken on the menu.

            1. re: Steve

              They do, but there's quite a bit of it in a small (9$) order. Maybe I could stoop down and ask for a kid's portion. It's one of the couple of things on the kids menu.

              Is the popcorn chicken seasoned and cooked the same as the whole Korean fried chicken only cut in to boneless chunks before frying? I think of something named "popcorn chicken" as being more like McNuggets.

              1. re: MikeR

                I believe it is cooked in the same way.

      2. re: Steve

        I tried it today for lunch. I thought it was ok. It wasn't nearly as crispy as Bon Chon, though the flavor was ok. It's passable I guess but not the same.

      3. Not to hijack your thread, but are there any places for Korean fried chicken in suburban MD? Really want to try it.

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          Myoung Dong in Beltsville has pretty good K-fried, but I haven't been in a year.

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            Tian Chinese Cuisine in Ellicott City -- very convenient from Rte 29 -- has a franchise for one of the Korean fried chicken places. They sell the chicken along with a menu of "Chinese" food as Chinese food is served in Korea. Your best bet is to bring a friend and start with black bean noodles and an order of chicken.

            8801 Baltimore National Pike Ste 21, Ellicott City, MD 21043

          2. There is also Cheogajip Chicken in Old Centreville Crossing Shopping Center. It is different than BonChon. The spicy is very sticky and is quite spicy - sounds like what you are talking about. I wasn't crazy about the "sweet" one - but only had it once and can't remember why I didn't like it.

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              HMart also has it in the prepared food section--yum!