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Jan 3, 2012 03:57 PM


I live in CAmbridge, up near Porter Square.
I am looking for the best Reuben sandwich near where I live, but if that wont do it, the best Reuben
nearby by car. Brookline will do.


corned beef
swiss cheese
salad dressing (ranch?)

on rye, preferably dark rye

Now, the question of grilling: I like the WHOLE REUBEN grilled, like a grilled cheese is grilled.

I have tried the S&S, the bottom bread slice was soggy. Usually I love the S&S.

Please help! Where do YOU go for a really tasty Reuben?

sweetfern :)

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  1. Honestly? Home. Lame answer, I know. But once you've assembled the components, it's straightforward to make if you've got a George Foreman or even two hot cast iron pans. The bread and pastrami keep approximately forever in the freezer, and the sauerkraut, dressing, and cheese will stay good in the fridge for about as long. I usually get a cook-it-yourself, precured brisket (e.g., Old Neighborhood or Freirich) for the corned beef and just use supermarket rye, but you could step up to Clear Flour's deli rye. The home-cooking solves the soggy, greasy bread problem and allows me to load up on the kraut.

    Has anyone tried the Reuben from City Slicker? Their Cuban is good...

    1. Sam LaGrassa's. Take the red line.

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      1. re: Luther

        Michael's Deli, Coolidge Corner (uses pumpernickel and can be grouchy but he also uses prime quality meat) - I've never tried it (sorry, but I consider it a horrible combination) but my dearly beloved has indulged.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          Micheal's Deli used to be outstanding. My wife and I went there the other day and the sandwich was way below usual quality. (small and thrown together) Add this to the usual bad service and extra dollar for splitting my own sandwich not to mention 20 min wait. I felt i got the tourist treatment in a big way. My only comment is times they are a changing. They are off the list in a big way. (reading there own press clippings I suspect)

          1. re: francod47

            Their sandwich size has definitely shrunk in recent times, but the quality is still up there in my opinion. I rarely eat there though, I generally buy a quantity of corned beef, take it home, warm some up and eat it on Clear Flour rye, which is far better bread than Michael uses. Plus I can make the sandwich as big as I like.

            1. re: BobB

              Well played Bob, they can't keep a good foodie down.

        2. re: Luther

          I agree. LaGrassa is your best bet

          1. I know it's not in the vicinity, but if you're out Sturbridge way, go to BT's and have a brisket reuben. It is a straight shot to heaven!

            1. This is an easy one: Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square.

              1. It's Russian dressing or thousand island. I've enjoyed it at Dave's and at All Star sandwich bar. That was a while ago so not sure its still on the menu. The Cuban Reuben at Highland Kitchen also incorporates ham and a spicy Russianish dressing.

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                1. re: yumyum

                  You guys are great! I will start at Dave's in Davis Square and move outward. AND I will try to grill
                  it, when I get a grill. I've been resisting.

                  I enter seventh heaven when eating a Reuben. Now--any special drink to go with it? Recommendations?


                  1. re: sweetfern

                    Michael's Deli and Sam LaGrassa's are both good suggestions. Barry's Deli in Newton and Rubin's also make good hot corned beef sandwiches with sauerkraut; Rubin's is expensive, because it's kosher, but I've been impressed with their corned beef. Obviously no cheese on their meat sandwiches. I love a Ruben with a good cream soda or root beer. Dr. Brown's is a decent cream soda. Tower Root Beer is one of the best local root beers. Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer goes nicely with a Ruben too!

                    1. re: sweetfern

                      fern, dave's sandwiches are so impressive. great iggy's bread, real quality ingredients (many in-house produced meats etc)and HUGE. Frankly I have never had a reuben there(though i love reubens) because we always get their perfect , also grilled, Cuban sandwiches (hope you'll try one there some time.)