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Jan 3, 2012 03:47 PM

List of Restaurants in Paris

Hello Chowhounds! Here is the list of restaurants my mom & I will be visiting (hopefully) starting this Friday. I've tried to include many recommendations from this site's contributors, some recommendations from travel guides, and at least one considered a "must try" from a friend (Au Pied de Cochons) for pig's feet. I've made reservations at all but Le Pamphlet (they are closed 1st 2 weeks in January). Any thoughts (and please forgive my ignorance on the subject)?

FRIDAY – JAN 6: Chez Josephine Dumonet (7:30 PM)
SATURDAY – JAN 7: Aux Charpenties (8:00)
SUNDAY – JAN 8: Au Petit Marguery (8:00)
MONDAY – JAN 9: La Cogouille (8:00)
TUESDAY – JAN 10: La Regalade Saint-Honore (8:00)
WEDNESDAY – JAN 11: La Regalade (8:00)
THURSDAY - JAN 12: Chez Denise (8:00)
FRIDAY – JAN 13: Chez Andre (8:00)
SATURDAY – JAN 14: Allard (8:00)
SUNDAY – JAN 15 Au Pied de Cochons (8:00)
MONDAY – JAN 16 Le Pamphlet (8:00)

Thank you!

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  1. First thought is that it is a list of very traditional restaurants which don't really reflect modern French food and some of the very exciting and innovative food that is being produced today. If that is what you are after then fine but it is a very one dimensional list especially a list of eleven places.

    Second, La Regalade and La Regalade St Honore are branches of the same chef so very, very similar. If you want to do both then maybe don't do them back to back. I had also heard Le Pamphlet has changed over the years since I went, it was a favourite of writers like Patricia Wells but I suspect that is out of date now.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Thank you for your quick response, PhilD. I really appreciate it! I will revise the order to the Regalade restaurants per your recommendations. As to the style of restaurants, you are quite right, it is rather one dimensional. The reason for this is my mother and her particular tastes (traditional French). She is also paying for the entire trip (a present to me for a recent accomplishment) and it was her only request. Ah, what I must do to be treated to a free trip to Paris (ahem)! I am curious, are there any choices which I could do better at (in particular, the pig's feet, maybe) and still stay within a "reasonable" (35-40 euros) price range? Thanks again for your attention!

      1. re: rgcblackie

        take me with you!
        I definitely would keep the original la regalade instead of the one on st honore

      2. re: PhilD

        PhilD - Can you suggest some places that reflect modern French food and some of the very exciting and innovative food that is being produced today? Ideally moderately priced. Thanks!

        1. re: Jeffo405

          Much discussed recently on the board. I tried Saturne and Au Passage on my last visit, others include Agape Substance, Septime, Gaya, Verjus, Spring etc etc.

          1. re: PhilD

            Add Rino, Le Galopin, Chatomat..,

      3. For pig feet here are a two recommendations:

        Auberge Bressane, fits in quite well with your theme of traditional French, they have an item on the menu called pied crouistallant au foie gras, crispy pig foot stuffed with foie gras, and

        Cocottes de Constant - they have a very good dish of potato halves hollowed out and stuffed with the meat of a pig foot.

        Pictures of both attached, both quite good.

        And yes, last time i looked at their posted menu Phamplet had completely departed from traditional French.

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        1. re: f2dat06

          Agree with f2dat06 on Auberge Bressane, was a very good rendition. Regretfully IMHO, Au Pied du Cochon best pig's feet are the door handles. Going to Chez Denise tomorrow, one of my old favs.
          Agree on old Regalade in 14th, feels more authentic.
          Get half portions at Dumonet, do the Foie gras with an old sauterne, perfect.

        2. Unlike a lot of hounds here, I haven't been to most of the restaurants you list. But I agree with PhilD, I think you should try at least one or two more modern french restaurants, you don't have to go all modernist cuisine, some young chefs do fairly traditional french food but with a clean flair and slight modern twist. I'm thinking La Table d'Eugène is a good example of this.
          I would skip La Regalade Saint-Honore, because you're already doing La Regalade.
          I would skip Au Pied de Cochon, if you're going for the food... but if you're going for the history of the place why not...
          And I would definitely add Chez l'Ami Jean somewhere.

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          1. re: Rio Yeti

            Thanks everyone! So, I've made some changes (and called / emailed the restaurants to cancel) to my list. As it turns out, I'll be on my own on the 10th, so I will be going to La Table d'Eugene, per Rio Yeti's recommendation. I've also eliminated Regalade Saint-Honore from my list and replaced Pied de Cochon with L'Auberge Bressane (open on Sunday - yay). I'm kind of on the fence with Au Petit Marguery (not exactly fond of game) and Le Pamphlet (had no idea the menu had departed from traditional French). Any ideas for substitutions (the menu at Chez l'Ami Jean didn't really enthrall me, unfortunately)? I'd like someplace with a prix-fixe menu around 35 euros (obviously without wine included at that price). Oh, by the way, one of those days is on a Sunday and the other is on a Monday. Thanks!

            1. re: rgcblackie

              Monday is slim pickin. Chez Casimir is one of very few good eateries open Mondays. It has a prix-fixe menu at 32 euro, 4 courses.

              1. re: Parigi

                Ok so here is my "final" list of restaurants. Hopefully, I got everything right! Please let me know what you think....

                FRIDAY – JAN 6: Chez Josephine Dumonet (7:30 PM)
                SATURDAY – JAN 7: Aux Charpenties (8:00)
                SUNDAY – JAN 8: Café de Musees (8:00)
                MONDAY – JAN 9: La Cogouille (8:00)
                TUESDAY – JAN 10: La Table d'Eugène (8:00)
                WEDNESDAY – JAN 11: Chez Denise (8:00)
                THURSDAY - JAN 12: La Regalade (8:00)
                FRIDAY – JAN 13: Chez Andre (8:00)
                SATURDAY – JAN 14: Allard (8:00)
                SUNDAY – JAN 15 L’Auberge Bressane (8:00)
                MONDAY – JAN 16 Chez Casimir (8:00)

                Thank you all !!!

                1. re: rgcblackie

                  Mostly good. Why chez André? Is Allard a must? The rest should be fine.

                  Lastly, have you reserved? If you search under the correct spelling (Aux Charpentiers, La Cagouille), you should find the contact info more easily. :-)

                  And don't confuse the two Régalade. This confusion has happened to more than one visiting diner who showed up in one Régalade only to take a taxi to race to the other one.

                  1. re: rgcblackie

                    Earliest dinner res at Chez Denise is 8:30, recommend you do not get there early, nor late.
                    Also closed on both Sat and Sun, so do not call then.