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Lou on vine...

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Looking for info on Lou on Vine. Anybody been? Liked it? Menu? Prices?

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  1. I went for my birthday last week with 10 of us and it was awesome! It was hot since it was about 95+ outside and there was no air or windows open but we looked beyond that and had a really great time!
    The food was great, I do wish there had been more entree options, but nobody left hungry. The cheese were awesome and the pig candy rocked!
    I would totally go back, no, I mean I will totally go back!

    1. I was there about a week ago and had the Zweigelt wine flight. Amazing! I had never heard of this red wine grape, but the wines were some of the best I have ever had (and I've had a lot of wine) so i'm going to hunt down a few bottles for home. Anybody know where to find this wine?

      Also had the pig candy (too good) and the salumi plate (it's from Armando Batali up in Seattle) and a great selection of cheeses.

      The address is 724 N.Vine, near Melrose.

      1. OK. I'll ask: What's pig candy?

        1. When I went I couldn't complain about the salumi from Armando Batali--waiting desperately for Mario to open his restaurant so I can hopefully get some of his again (testa!).

          Also the cheese selection and accompaniments were very good. (Mostly American cheeses).

          But the pig candy? I had higher hopes than some dried up bacon in maple syrup or whatever that was. Sweet bacon. Fine in principle (brilliant in principle?) but maybe use some better bacon, something special.

          1. dissappointed in the food. if you're going to serve cold steak I think it should be cut thin and most definitely cut against the grain. mac and cheese...was there any cheese in that bechamel? and the breadcrumbs were stale and barely toasted. good proscuitto. liked the pig candy.

            1. We went this past Saturday and really enjoyed it. I went with three people, and our bill ended up being around $52 per person, including tax and tip. We ordered a lot of food and had two glasses of wine each.

              Standouts included the salmon gravlax (amazing -- perhaps the best smoked salmon I've ever had -- so good we got a second order), the cheese plate and the summer salad, which had a roasted beet salad, a cucumber and feta salad, and something else. The cheese plate was very generous, and had a nice variety. We also had the steak salad, the almonds and olives, and the prosciutto and melon.

              Given the amount and quality of the food, and the price, which while not cheap, was quite a bit less than we would have paid if we'd gone somewhere like AOC, we really enjoyed it. I wouldn't necessarily say it was a "destination" restaurant, but it's a pleasant addition to the neighborhood, and if you are looking for a good winebar, which decent chow, in the Hollywood area, I'd definitely recommend it.

              P.S. The menu, with prices, is listed on their webpage. I think it's posted above, but here it is again for convenience: http://www.louonvine.com/

              1. What's worrying about Lou is that the prices have steeply increased in the few months since they've opened. What started out as a laidback, cheap-ish neighborhood joint with solid food is now charging AOC prices, and it's not really worth it. Lou's a good guy though.

                1. Does anyone else feel like its kind of stuffy feeling and tacky inside? Like you were making up a "restaurant" in your parents garage? Since its in such a typical strip mall, I was expecting to be transported into a magical wonderland of an urban wine bar, stepping through those drapes. It does feel rather like a speakeasy--an impromptu "not your parents winebar" kinda thing is what they went for? I understand they must have not had a big budget to work with, but it doesn't need to mean tacky chairs and tables (black with white squiggles--am i at the Peach Pit?)

                  I wanted to like it--but after the atmosphere being a disappointment, I was hoping to be wowed by the food. Salads we got were without a lick of salt, the pig candy was great I have to say but the doily it came on? Is grandma in the kitchen? I'm always interested in peoples' cheese/charcuterie plates and this wasn't a total let down. The salumi is great of course, but two housemade pork terrines on one plate? It was a pork w/pistachio terrine and a rillette, which had very little flavor. (I've made rillettes...it's not hard to put some flavor in it!)
                  Cheeses were a soft super-mild goat flavored with lavender from Cypress Grove, an aged gouda, and an amish farmstead cheddar. I like all of those, sure, but there are much more adventurous cheeses out there--and they don't have to be super stinky either. And here's my other beef--the bread that comes with the charcuterie plate. It's too stale to be a slice of fresh bread, but not toasted and oiled enough to be a crostini--what is that? With cheese and charcuterie boards becoming more of a standard menu item these days, people really need to make them sing.

                  I appreciate the pickled figs, that was a nice touch, and the usual cornichons and mustard.

                  Just can't get past the decor!

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                    i think i would pref. a diff. print looking in from the outside. i felt really lost when i stepped in looking for some friends of mine. we had the heirloom tomatoes and their homemade pate. i liked it. the heirloom was less than stellar (the ones @ angeli were much better imo.) but i was rather impressed with the pate.

                    friends who are really into wine said that they enjoed the eclectic wine list. i guess i did too, since i don't know much about wine. i'll just take their word for it.

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                      Sometimes funky can be misconstrued as tacky. I know...it's not always easy to tell.

                    2. Great service, excellent wine selection and some great small bites. A great place to meet people after work, or perhaps an early evening work meeting.