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Why aren't we talking about Biercamp in A2? [Ann Arbor, MI]

Easily the best pulled pork in town. Housemade sausages and smoked meats? Yes please. This place is a gem, undeniably. Have had some incredibly good bacon and hunter sticks from here. They seem highly invested in the integrity of their products. I hope they don't lose the spare and relaxed vibe at their shop.

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  1. I can't get past how good the Brisket is to try the pulled pork. Maybe the best brisket I have ever had. Easily as good as most I have had in Texas.

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      Tried the pulled pork. Forget the pickle and onion that comes with. Bun is okay. Pork is great, sauce is fine. Five bucks? Yup. Sides? I did not see any.

    2. I'll talk about Biercamp in A2. I've made three trips; the most recent just last week. Biercamp are artisans -- very high quality and delicious items; and judicious with flavoring and salt so that the flavor of the meat rules. From the home-smoked bacon; to the craft-made canadian bacon; to the hot dogs and hunter sticks -- it's all real and all very, very well done. Oh, yeah ... jerky is also first rate. Plus, you can taste anything you want. Don't miss it. Biercamp is worth the drive to Ann Arbor.

      1. Why aren't we talking about it? Because it's the first week. It's the *second* week of Biercamp that's the greatest time of year. ;)

        ::waits for people to "get it"::

        ::rolls eyes and gives up::

        So, in checking out the website for this place, and from reading the posts in the thread, it's hard to tell whether this is a full service restaurant, or just an artisan meat manufacturer which you carry your fare home to. What's the story on this place?

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            As an ex Yooper, I get it! Biercamp is a sausage store, where you can get carryout smoked meats. It's very tasty, I recommend it highly! I like the people that run it, too.

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              There's a very small counter where you can eat pulled pork or brisket sandwiches, and they sell drinks and chips to go along.

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                Hot sandwiches, or cold sandwiches? And is the bread good, or even relevant? What kind of cash are we talking about?

                This is why their website is just pretty not helpful. However, even with that smallish problem, it sounds like the accolades are pretty universal here, from people I know. Believe it or not, *this* sounds like a pretty tempting reason for me to get out to A-Squared.

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                  If you check out their Facebook page, they update with what's being freshly made, along with some pricing. I have got to get over there!


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                    Sandwiches are always $4.99-$6.99. There are only two (sometimes three) per day, and they're hot. Bread is nothing special. They do not put mustard on the sandwiches, but you can ask for it. The free samples are great. Really the sausages are the main thing, and those you have to cook yourself. I take them home and use them in things like split pea soup or just grill them. Sausages vary in price, but not out of line with what you get. It's in warm weather that this place really shines; as Moms below notes, on Saturdays they often have a grill outside themselves. Parking is a problem; I have parked at Produce Station, but I don't think you're supposed to. Maybe there's parking in the back somewhere, but it's not clear.

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              Boagman—I'd get over there today, but my car _______ (fill in deeper Yoopers reference).

              They occasionally have fried bologna sandwiches too, and also chili. Neither of these sounds like something to write home about, but both are superb. Just a few seats, but in warmer weather there are also picnic tables outside. Produce Station is right next door if you want a salad or something. Highly recommended.

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                Jim, is your car a "Rusty Chevrolet" or are you "On the Road to Gwinn?"

                I've bought sausage from Biercamp before, and I am a tough customer when it comes to sausage, and I really liked it. I cooked it myself at home. I also bought a slab of bottom round which I brought home and made sandwiches out of some Zing rolls I had lying around and it was fantastic. I didn't buy any of their prepared sandwiches. They sell grilled hotdogs and brats during U of M football games on their front lawn as well to passersby.

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                  The heck ??? How did I not know about this place? Must.Visit.Soon.

            3. If you eat meat and you live in Michigan....this is Mecca. That is all!

              1. So when I make a special trip west this weekend, now I gotta stuff myself double sausage-wise: once in Ypsi at Wurst Bar, then in A2 at Biercamp? This is not going to be pretty.

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                  > This is not going to be pretty.

                  I think I'm gonna need a 12-step program ...

                2. im certainly no bratwurst expert but their pre-packed refridgerated brats were great when i brought them home and cooked them up.

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                    I went today. My wallet hates me , but my stomach loves me. Those two never seem to be in sync.

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                      Carryout dinner, brisket sandwiches, sauerkraut salad and chili. We'll be back. Many times.

                  2. They ought to pay you a commission, Charlesbois, based on how much business you've driven there in the last three two days.

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                      +1! I'm driving four hours to stop at this place on Monday! Lol :)

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                        Haha, I thought about stopping in there last night to warn them about incoming traffic. I'll tell them I'll take my payment in bacon and jerky pate.

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                          charlesbois, Go collect another commission payment. I got me some Biercamp this weekend. Thank you. The fresh bratwurst was very, very nice. The spicy pickled green tomatoes were so awesome that I could even confidently recommend them to JanPrimus.

                          Not to go out on a downer, but the sauerkraut seemed to me like a disgrace. Admittedly, I've never been to Germany, so maybe there is a precedent for what Biercamp serves. But, I ferment my own kraut from time to time, and my grandfather was from Germany as well as my step mother. So, I've eaten a lot of the stuff, and Biercamp's is on par with the lamest stuff I've had, sorry to say.

                          Still, I hope to soon be back for their other many offerings (starting with the touted brisket). I'm excited about these Gents!

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                            Went in for lunch today, hoping to get a brisket sandwich, but they only had pulled pork. No problem, it was great. I got it to go. If I had eaten it there I would have asked for more sauce. Not that it was dry -at all- it's just the sauce was good. The sandwich was loaded with pork, for $5, a generous serving. Soft, small bun- just enough to soak up extra juices and let the pork shine. Really like the pickles and thinly sliced onion on the side.
                            Also purchased cheddar hotdogs and BBQ smoked stick to go for hubby. I don't know why I didn't just get the jerky pate, that's a no-brainer. Next time...
                            The owner gave a very sincere thank you on our way out the door, how refreshing! Looking forward to our next visit. Thanks cb!

                        2. The owners are super nice. Let you try everything...and will even throw in free crackers for the jerky pate. I purchased the pate, tons of jerky including corned beef jerky, the cheddar hot dogs (OMG), and the brats with dirty bastard ale and swiss.... cannot wait to go back.

                          1. Went today on the strength of reviews from this board and will go back. Husband who is a very picky eater loved some of the meats so much that he advised me to please only buy small portions in the future so he doesn't gorge himself so much.

                            As others here have said, the owners are young, friendly and well-informed. I sampled jerky pate, several sausages and hot sticks. Bought the pate, the bar cheese spread (OMG, real cheese, quality crisp bacon bits and scallions or chives), sausages to cook for pasta sauce, a salami-like ready to eat charcuterie (cannot remember the name - a Chicago style prep with Russian red pepper and caraway seeds - divine), jerky, chorizo sticks, pickled green tomatoes (fab as well).... still want to try the cheddar brats, andouille and other good things. Got Zingerman's bread at the Produce Station next door and we had a very fine bread, cheese, meat and wine dinner. If we had more freezer space right now I'd have bought more....

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                              I easily blew 50 bucks there Saturday on Landjaeger, Duck bacon, Pastrami, Praski and Habanero Hot Dogs.

                              No Regrets!

                            2. My beloved and I tried Bier-Camp today. We will be back. Again and again. So many sausages, hot dogs, and jerkies that we want to try. Not to mention the bacon choices.

                              We ordered a pulled pork sandwich and a brisket sandwich. Both were absolutely delicious. The pickles with the sandwiches were an excellent compliment. One qualm, though, as others have noted, the buns are a weak link. They started to dissolve under the saucy, meaty deliciousness. Better buns might be worth trying. That said, the meat and sauce were incredible. Next time, we'll have to get some of the sauce to go.

                              We decided to get dinner while we were there, too. It seemed too cold and windy to grill hot dogs. We weren't in a sausage-y mood. Then, we saw the corned beef and the pastrami. A sample of both, and we decided on corned beef sandwiches for dinner.

                              1. Went to Biercamp today for lunch and to stock up on goodies for Memorial Day weekend. Just an FYI, they will be closed this weekend for Memorial Day.

                                I picked up some "standard" hot dogs for grilling. They are fully cooked, long and skinny, and look like they are packed with delicious spiciness. Now, a package of 8 dogs was a little over $7. But for the quality I'm getting, I'll gladly pay around 95 cents per dog. Also stocked up on some hickory smoked bacon at around $10/pound. It's definitely pricey (I think you can get Alexander & Hornung's bacon for $10 for 1.5 pounds) but it's so worth it. Finally, I got some beef jerky and some BBQ pork jerky for our weekend canoe trips.

                                For lunch, I finally tried their brisket. It's incredibly beefy, juicy and delicious. Just a real stand-out beef flavor. I think next time I'll just do what I do with the pulled pork, and that's get a container of it cold for me to heat up and enjoy sans bun. It's a good little sandwich, but the bun is a non-starter and it becomes too juicy to pick up and eat anyway.

                                While I was in there, I saw they have a fermenting tun, and heard they were going to start making home-brewed beer in small batches. Woot!

                                1. I am still in search of a really good pulled pork sandwich in AA, even after visiting Biercamp. My complaints are two-fold: 1) it is completely drowned in sauce. Part of that is my fault - I am not a fan of the thick sticky sweet sauce that northerners consider good bbq. Why cover up all that delicious smoky porky goodness with so much sauce? Next time I'll make sure to order it with sauce on the side and I'm sure I'll be much more impressed. 2) The bun was not sturdy enough to handle the mountain of pulled pork. Not a dealbreaker but the bun sort of seemed like an afterthought.

                                  Aside from that though, the store is great and I love what they're doing there. I have talked to them a couple times to see if they're going to get into curing Italian meats, but it sounds like right now they are going to focus on the smoked stuff.

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                                    Your idea to have the barbecue sauce on the side rather than on the sandwich is the right one. Even when I'm at Slows I get The Reason with sauce on the side, and I'm happier for it. You sound like a kindred spirit this way.

                                    The bun is a legit complaint, though for me it's hardly a deal breaker. To me, it's much more about the content than the bread, though you're right: a good bun notches the thing up even further. I'd rather the bun be an afterthought than the pork or any other sandwich ingredient.

                                    1. re: boagman

                                      Right - as a standard procedure, one should order sauce on the side at any bbq joint north of the mason-dixon line. I hate to be a bbq snob like that (actually, that's a lie, I'm totally fine with being a bbq snob) but we need to start changing bbq behavior up here. I think the tide is changing though, there have been plenty of new bbq spots popping up across the midwest that are doing bbq the right way - low and slow over real hardwood and served with something other than KC-style sweet bbq sauce.

                                      As far as the bun, I am admittedly holding Biercamp to a high standard since I think they're totally capable of producing an A+ pulled pork sandwich. And just like pizza can't be outstanding without a great crust, a pulled pork sandwich won't be excellent if the bun is a bit of an afterthought.

                                      1. re: GreatLakesBetterFood

                                        eh, I'm not going there for their sandwiches, but the meat. I don't like how they heat it up at Biercamp anyway.

                                    2. re: GreatLakesBetterFood

                                      Biercamp serves the pulled pork with or without the sauce.

                                    3. Don't want to come off stalkerish, and I'm definitely not a star f*ucker, but Biercamp posted a picture on facebook of Mario Batali stopping in at their store. Looks like they have a connection to him. Kinda neat.

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                                        It's not Politically Correct to like Mario Batali--he steals tips from his employees (tongue firmly in cheek!)

                                      2. I am very late to the table on Biercamp. (I kept dropping by when they were closed!) The array of flavorings in their jerkies, sausages was jaw-dropping.
                                        Brought home a few things. We savored Sriracha Brats, in which the sriracha did not overpower, but complemented the sausage. Then there was the Beef--Cheddar--Jalapeno ring Bologna: fresh, meaty, HOT, and a bit creamy. Pure deliciousness.

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                                          The lamb shawarma sausage--very nice indeed.

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                                            Thanks for mentioning it, I haven't seen that on past visits! Will be coming to AA soon and the lamb sausage is now at the top of my list of take-home treats. :)