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Jan 3, 2012 02:43 PM

Farmer seeking ideas for a CIDER DONUT SUNDAE

My pal owns a large orchard in Central Mass (cant disclose name as yet) and for fall 2012 he wants to debut a cider donut sundae in his farmstand. He's already making cider donuts that are outrageous. How do you all think a cider donut sundae should be made? Your ideas go right back to the farmer, and I for one am pumped to try them all. Thx!!!!

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  1. Sounds great. How about maple walnut Ice cream, Apple cider toffee sauce, whipped cream and toasted walnuts all resting on top of a cider donut much like a brownie sundae.

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    1. Cider donut, Bailey's butterscotch sauce, maple whipped cream, chocolate covered almonds.

      1. I like the maple-walnut ice cream idea. For a "sauce," I'd use hot apple butter, perhaps spiced (a little cinnamon, full-blown apple pie, or just a touch of vanilla), though I suppose something caramel-y could be an option. For nuts, I'd use salty candied walnuts or pecans. Added whipped cream. For the garnish, use a melon baller to make small apple balls and dip them in the red candy apple stuff to make the "cherry." Brunoised fresh apples would also make a nice topping.

        I like tarte tatin-like flavors. In fact, a "tarte tatin" with the cider donut subbing in for the pastry might be a mighty-tasty treat. Brulee the top of it.

        Ginger and apple make a nice combo too. You could make some ginger-cinnamon streusel chunks for something crunchy instead of nuts.

        This will be the most culinarily-advanced farm in history if it does this stuff.

        Edit to add: Moving some flavors around...use toscanini's burnt caramel ice cream and trufflehound's maple whipped cream.

        1. Other combinations that come to mind (with nuts, whipped cream, of course):

          Cinnamon and/or ginger ice cream, maple syrup
          Vanilla, brown sugar syrup
          Coffee ice cream, marshmallow topping

          1. I was makeshifting cider donut sundaes this summer by ordering pumpkin ice cream and cider donuts at one of the orchards in Stow and combining them. I will be there every weekend if your friend works pumpkin ice cream into this sundae of his! :)