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Farmer seeking ideas for a CIDER DONUT SUNDAE

My pal owns a large orchard in Central Mass (cant disclose name as yet) and for fall 2012 he wants to debut a cider donut sundae in his farmstand. He's already making cider donuts that are outrageous. How do you all think a cider donut sundae should be made? Your ideas go right back to the farmer, and I for one am pumped to try them all. Thx!!!!

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  1. Sounds great. How about maple walnut Ice cream, Apple cider toffee sauce, whipped cream and toasted walnuts all resting on top of a cider donut much like a brownie sundae.

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    1. Cider donut, Bailey's butterscotch sauce, maple whipped cream, chocolate covered almonds.

      1. I like the maple-walnut ice cream idea. For a "sauce," I'd use hot apple butter, perhaps spiced (a little cinnamon, full-blown apple pie, or just a touch of vanilla), though I suppose something caramel-y could be an option. For nuts, I'd use salty candied walnuts or pecans. Added whipped cream. For the garnish, use a melon baller to make small apple balls and dip them in the red candy apple stuff to make the "cherry." Brunoised fresh apples would also make a nice topping.

        I like tarte tatin-like flavors. In fact, a "tarte tatin" with the cider donut subbing in for the pastry might be a mighty-tasty treat. Brulee the top of it.

        Ginger and apple make a nice combo too. You could make some ginger-cinnamon streusel chunks for something crunchy instead of nuts.

        This will be the most culinarily-advanced farm in history if it does this stuff.

        Edit to add: Moving some flavors around...use toscanini's burnt caramel ice cream and trufflehound's maple whipped cream.

        1. Other combinations that come to mind (with nuts, whipped cream, of course):

          Cinnamon and/or ginger ice cream, maple syrup
          Vanilla, brown sugar syrup
          Coffee ice cream, marshmallow topping

          1. I was makeshifting cider donut sundaes this summer by ordering pumpkin ice cream and cider donuts at one of the orchards in Stow and combining them. I will be there every weekend if your friend works pumpkin ice cream into this sundae of his! :)

            1. I would personally like to see a cider donut sundae made with Cinnamon ice cream and a caramel sauce (on top of the cider donuts) -- if you want to make it ULTRA Decadent - drizzle a little hot fudge and top it with some fresh whipped cream -- but that makes it fattening.

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                I think a cinnamon ice cream, with a reduced cider drizzle would be delicious.

              2. please please tell us what he decides and where we can find it!

                1. You might want to post this question on a more general board but I'll meanwhile say that though I, like many, am tiring of the whole bacon thing, what would be really great would be some bacon. Make a sundae that evokes a plate of apple-y pancakes with a side of bacon.

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                    which board do you recommend? I dont think anyone else's answers could top what everyone is posting here!!

                  2. What about making it an ice-cream sandwich, something you can eat with your hands while you wander the orchard? Delicious and messy is always a hit with apple pickers. Plus he'll save money on bowls and spoons, and have less trash.

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                      I thought about this too. I mean, a cider donut ice-cream sandwich has GOT to be a good thing, as long as it doesnt crumble.

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                        The tricky part is the hole in middle - lots of delicious ice cream will be lost. Plus, it would be nice if the doughnuts were still a little warm, making drippage more of a concern. Another drippage problem - the drool on my keyboard.

                    2. Vanilla ice cream, cooked apples (like apple pie filling) and caramel sauce, whipped cream on top. I would have nuts as an option that can easily be left out, since so many kids are allergic to nuts.

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                        thats exactly my idea. i was thinking of ice cream similar to apple pie ala mode by brighams, caramel sauce pecans and whipped cream with fresh grated nutmeg all over it

                      2. I would split the doughnut like a bagel, and then arrange in halves to make nested rings. A scoop of very rich honey vanilla and a scoop of something strong like cinnamon or coffee or rum raisin, butter rum sauce and maple whipped cream. No crunchy things for me, but if you have to, maybe pralines.

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                          Cider donuts are so good and somewhat subtle so i would keep it simple to let the donuts flavor not be overshadowed.. Maye a parfait style with warm donut cut in half and layered: warm donut half, vanilla ice cream, homemade warm butterscotch sauce. Repeat with other half, ice cream ,sauce and top with whipped cream, a few warm chopped salted almond pieces and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

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                            I agree that cider donuts deserve a subtle hand. I am picturing the Chopped or Iron Chef judges praising the dish but scolding its creator for hiding the inner cider doughnut-ness.

                            I would want to balance the flaky warmth and delicate apple-sweetness of the cider doughnut with the creamy chill of a vanilla ice cream. Too much ice cream or a powerfully flavored ice cream and you lose those aspects of the doughnut.

                            Also, when I think apple cider I think mulled cider. Perhaps a warm topping with cinnamon, orange zest, star anise, and clove? This could be delivered in a chocolate sauce that isn't overpoweringly sweet. You could put some or all of those flavors into the ice cream, but they wouldn't be as aromatic.

                            While I definitely think a cider doughnut twist on the brownie sundae or ice cream sandwich is a delicious idea (and I would likely want seconds), I think your idea merits something more focused on the cider doughnut.

                        2. Clearly what needs to happen is that your friend needs to make up a batch of donuts, various flavors of ice creams and toppings, and have us all over for a tasting.

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                            Yes, the birth of the Cider Donut Sundae needs to be an event...a contest...on the farm, in the fall, and I will definitely post it for all my helpful pals. I will float this with Farmer Mark. He will be blown away by all of your ideas.

                            However, I am worried that the donut will get soggy....what do you think? Put donut on top? break into pieces and place around the ice cream and toppings? Freeze the donut? Shield it from ice cream meltage by protecting it with a layer of, say, caramel?

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                              People have been putting ice cream on top of all kinds of baked goods, including donuts, for some time without worrying about it too much. Brownies work well because they tend to be a little denser than regular cake. I'm assuming this is a fried donut, so it will probably have a bit of a crust, which will protect it from getting too mushy, I'd think. A little sogginess as the ice cream melts is inevitable, and not such a big problem. It will be eaten before it gets to be a big problem.

                          2. I have no ideas for the actual sundae but would like to make sure Farmer Mark knows there is a market for any of the great suggestions in this thread. There isn't one I wouldn't eat so maybe he will have to offer a couple varieties!!!

                            1. maybe he can also offer a version "for the grownups", soaked in Faretti biscotti liqueur, like a tiramisu or rum baba

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                                Sounds good, but you're really got to use a homemade liqueur that starts with good ol' American Applejack, no?

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                                  good point...ok, half Applejack and half Faretti...then it's Italian-American ;)

                              2. Here is a picture of the cider donut sundae from a friends site of the White Mountain Cider Co. in Bartlett, NH made with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

                                I've also had one in upstate NY with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and whipped cream.

                                My daughter makes ice cream sandwiches from the cider donuts from Cider Hill in Amesbury, MA. She lets them sit for a day to harden up and then warms them in the toaster oven before adding ice cream.

                                You will get a lot more ideas posting in the CH Home Cooking board as deglazer suggested.

                                1. For something to carry around, you could cut the donut and fill with soft serve vanilla, That would be easier to eat than a hard ice cream.

                                  For me, the donut is good I think it would be ruined sitting under ice cream and toppings. Definitely soggy. I always hated when they served ice cream with birthday cake. Why ruin a perfectly good piece of cake?!

                                  I was also thinking of the cooked apples idea. Chopped apples cooked with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. A scoop of vanilla, some cinnamon apples, whipped cream and the donut on top! Then you could remove the donut if you like and dunk in the ice cream, surely melting by now in the warm apples.