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Jan 3, 2012 02:32 PM

Where can I find Graber Olives?

I'm addicted to Graber Olives and would love to find a place that stocks them close by. Anywhere eastside (near Downtown) or even in SM? Thanks for your help!

Oh and if you haven't tried them, you must!

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  1. I love Graber olives and usually, I can find them at Von's Pavilions.

    I would recommend that you also place a call to the other upscale suspects like Whole Foods and Bristol Farms, as well.

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      1. re: Gypsy Jan

        Are you referring to a specific Pavilion's? Hollywood or Silverlake?

        1. re: applecore

          Pavilions in Newport Beach - the one on via Lido on the Balboa Peninsula and the one on Bayside Drive.

          1. re: Gypsy Jan

            Side note,

            I grew up shopping at the via Lido location when it was Richard's Market.

            John Wayne was a regular there.

          2. re: applecore

            In my case, the Silverlake store.

            For those who have not been, Graber Olives is a local business. The homey tour is recommended.

          1. I love Graber olives! I used to work in Ontario so it was easy to run by there and get them. Sometimes I would receive gift packs of them from my local customers for Christmas. Those were the days!

            Recently, I've bought them at my local Albertson's in Fullerton. I used to find them for sale on the checkout counter at the hardware store. :)

            1. yum! thanks guys! now if i only had unlimited $$ to buy as many as i can eat..

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                1. re: trojans

                  Only cans yet I have never had a problem with the taste. They apparently also sell a line of Spanish olives in jars, but the locally grown Grabers are the jewels.

                  The olive catalog:


              1. Not where you were looking for them, but they sell the size 10 & 12 at E Waldo Ward in Sierra Madre. Although, they don't show them on their website.