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Jan 3, 2012 02:09 PM

Problem Posting - not of Chowhound Origin

Recently I have been having problems typing Chowhound messages or search requests - the keystrokes will not register or a character will only appear sporadically when I type. This is an issue on my home computer (corporate issued) running IE8. there are also problems with entry in the google toolbar or in applications like mapquest/hopstop but not in my corpoirate applications, so far..

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Ive tryied some of the suggested online fixes for this type of problem but none have worked so I am currently pretty much locked out as a Chowhound contributor from that location until the issue is resolved.

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  1. Given the nature of the problems you're describing, this sounds like an issue with the computer; nothing on CHOW is able to interfere with the google toolbar, nor the other applications you mention. I would recommend consulting your corporation's IT department, if possible.

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    1. re: Engineering

      yes this problem does not have a CHOW origin - just wondering if any site particpants had anything similar happen impeding posting and what the fixes were. Corporate IT will be unlikely to care much about my issues in accessing external sites.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Is your computer a laptop with a touchpad? I was about ready to throw my newish laptop running Windows 7 out the window because I couldn't type anything. The touchpad turned out to be the problem and I downloaded a utility called TouchFreeze that disables the touchpad while you're typing. Fixed it and it's free.

        1. re: Samalicious

          it is but I am using an auxiliary keyboard - so I doubt it its relevant, but I will look into that solution, thanks.