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Jan 3, 2012 02:06 PM

Question about Gallo Blanco and Barrio Cafe


For various reasons it looks like I will be eating at both of these restaurants on the same day. Is there a preference between going to one for dinner vs. lunch? Meaning, should I have lunch at Gallo Blanco and dinner at Barrio Cafe or vice versa?


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  1. My preference probably runs counter to most peoples' -- I'd do Barrio for lunch, guessing at a shorter wait for a table, and do Gallo Blanco for a light dinner of assorted tacos, elote, and cocktails. The menu and pricing is the same at Barrio at both lunch and dinner; they only add specials and their tableside guacamole as dinner options. If you prefer to eat heavier or have your heart set on the guacamole (it is good), do it the other way.

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      The guacamole at Barrio is not to be missed, IMO, so I'd have to side with the "most people". :)

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        I know-! For people who have never had the good stuff, they really ought to try Sylvia's version. I guess I say because I like for the dinner hour to invite lingering and I can picture lingering at Gallo Blanco much longer, perhaps adjourning to the rooftop bar, better than I can at Barrio Cafe, because they will want to turn that table. Although, maybe since the expansion, they are not so tight on space. I haven't been that recently.

    2. My advice would be to eat the heavier meal at Barrio, and try to save room for dessert.

      1. I read this thread and uhockey's trip report (list of restaurants . . . enjoy reading uhockey's candid posts) to get Southwestern restaurant suggestions for SO. Gallo Blanco is in a boutique hotel, The Clarendon. Unless you want burgers or cocktails and appetizers, it's NOT appropriate for dinner. Appears to be more of a breakfast/lunch/after dinner place IMHO. I guess I should have focused on the "Cafe & Bar" before I sent SO over there (they left and went someplace else). The menu:

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          In case anyone is confused by this post, I'll point out that Gallo Blanco does actually offer several non-burger, non-appetizer options. Whether or not they are appropriate for dinner, is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

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            Thanks hohokam. Maybe I missed them when I took a quick look at the menu on their website? Revisiting their menu I see 2 ribeye entrees and a pork entree. Also, they felt the atmosphere was not appropriate for a business dinner. Sounds like a more casual place . . .

            BTW, they ended up at a steakhouse, Durants, and it was just okay.


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              Strictly speaking, the only burger options at Gallo Blanco are the Pica Rico burger and the cheeseburger, and the only appetizers are the antojitos.

              I didn't catch the OP's need for a spot that would be appropriate for a business dinner. If that were a need to be met, I would probably steer a person away from Barrio Cafe too, given that, in general, the noise level there can make it difficult to have a quiet conversation.

              Barrio Cafe
              2814 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

              Gallo Blanco Cafe
              401 W Clarendon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013

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                Thanks, hohokam.

                OP did NOT request a spot that would be appropriate for a business dinner.

                I was searching this Board and scrambling to find a dinner place (Mexican/Southwest) for SO while he was in Phoenix for business. My mission was unsuccessful :)