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Jan 3, 2012 01:58 PM

Claussen Sauerkraut

Does anyone know of any stores that sell Clausssen Sauerkraut in SD North county? I think it is the best but can't find it anywhere.

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  1. Kraft product locator shows these:
    CLAUSSEN Sauerkraut 32.000 OZ near Escondido CA 92025
    Food 4 Less
    644 N Broadway
    Escondido CA 92025-1802

    Stater Bros Mkt
    635 N Broadway
    Escondido CA 92025-1801

    Albertsons Store
    1509 E Valley Pkwy
    Escondido CA 92027-2315

    Albertsons Store
    1570 W Valley Pkwy
    Escondido CA 92029-2140

    Ralphs Grocery
    2417 E Valley Pkwy
    Escondido CA 92027-2932

    Stater Bros Mkt
    1330 E Mission Rd
    San Marcos CA 92069-3038

    Albertsons Store
    151 Woodland Pkwy
    Sorry if that's not the north San Diego county you want.

    1. Not to derail you or anything, but I picked up some Stogsdill Sauerkraut at the farmers market in little italy.

      Pretty good. (Keep in mind though, I am not some kind of "Sauerkraut expert" or anything).

      1. IMO there are much better brands out there, easily obtainable.

        Bubbie's is my favorite, which can usually be found at Whole Foods or Sprouts/Henry's.

        Ba-Tampte is a close second, and can be found at the same stores.

        Kruegermann's is also excellent, and can be found at Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad.

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        1. re: Josh

          Do you like the sauerkraut from the Happy Pantry at various farmers markets?

        2. As long as everyone else is trying to change your mind here is the sauerkraut tasting fro the San Francisco Chronicle FWIW.

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            1. re: wolfe

              Thanks Wolfe, glad to read Claussens was followed bt Boars Head. I have an unopened package in my fridge, more likely to give it a try now. Surprised no one on this post mentioned BH.

            2. Personally, I can't stand Claussen sauerkraut, as it is too sour. For my taste, the best sauerkraut is Steinfeld's Wine Kraut, available at 99 cents stores.

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