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Jan 3, 2012 01:38 PM

Dim Sum In Orlando

Visiting Orlando next week & am required to find a good Dim Sum, say within 45 minutes of Buena Vista area.
Any suggestions?
Thank you

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  1. Really only one option - Ming Bistro in downtwon Orlando. Do NOT get it confused with the much more prominently advertised Ming Court on International Drive - that place is a tourist trap. Ming Bistro only has dim sum on weekend I believe though

    1212 Woodward St, Orlando, FL 32803
    (407) 898-9672

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    1. re: YosemiteSam

      I now see there have been other threads on this topic. They confirm your advice.
      I searched & missed them, so need to figure the search engine.

      1. re: YosemiteSam

        Checked out Ming Bistro on the weekend - it was great, the best dim sum we've had in FL. Thanks for the recommendation.

      2. Ming's Bistro has dim sum every day. However its only on the weekends that they have dim sum on push carts (10:30-3pm on Sat/Sun).

        Either way, it is the best dim sum in Orlando.

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        1. re: Corporate_40


          We will come into Orlando too late for the push carts, what do we miss menu wise??


          1. re: Treadmill88

            Not that much, just the experience really. Make sure to order some roast duck and crispy skin pork too.

        2. Has anyone here been to Chan's on Colonial? I've heard good things. I've also had pretty good dim sum at Golden Lotus in the plaza with WalMart on the corner of John Young and Sand Lake.

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          1. re: tginjapan

            chans has a lways been a bit too salty for me but i do like golden lotus! mings bistro and lams garden near chans are also good options. id have to visit chans again tho

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              Chan's is decent, but like Ming's Bistro, it gets crowded during the lunch hour. I prefer Ming's to Chan's. I would also suggest going to Lam's Garden which is a little further east on Colonial Drive. It compares favorably to both Ming's and Chan's with push cart service on the weekends. It's also less crowded and better decor.