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Jan 3, 2012 01:16 PM

Heading back to HK in cool Feb after last year's Summer trip

Seeking recommendations for must eat dishes during the cold winter season Claypot rice? Ramen? and other dishes only available during the cold months?. Preferably local favorites. Staying in Causeway Bay this time around but willing to travel to nearby areas accessible by MTR or tram

Also, I just found out that my favorite Yat Lok at Stanley St., Central is now closed. Where should I go for my roasted goose leg in noodles fix? or roasted goose in general? Should I try the one in Manor? If, yes what else is still good to order there? Any good roasted goose place in causeway bay?

Planning to go for one splurge meal at 8 1/2 Otto Mezzo if I can still get a table. What are other good splurge option if Otto is already fully booked?


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  1. Some of the restos I enjoyed checking out last summer; Lei Garden, Caprice, Fu Sing, Yung Kee 4th Floor, Tonkichi, Din Tai Fung, Kau Kee and Yat Lok. Would love to try new good ones. Please help :-)

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      These 'current' postings have 'current' ideas that you might like to consult

    2. I had lunch at Yat Lok on Stanley St. today, so rumors of its demise are obviously greatly exaggerated.