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Jan 3, 2012 01:00 PM

What Genever Should Come Back from Amsterdam with me?

Just getting to know (and enjoy) the world of Dutch gins - I have Bols Genever (unaged) at home and really enjoy it in several cocktails. It's the only Genever I've seen readily available for sale around Boston. I plan a visit to House of Bols.

The only other brand I know is Boomsma, and I intend to sample both Jongen and Oude varieties.

What are others I should try and consider bringing home from my trip? Do you have any specific cocktail recipes to pair with them?

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  1. Bourdain was drinking and discussing some on the Layover last night. Take a look at the rerun I'm sure its on this week

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      Definitely an interesting episode. I had trouble figuring out whether he hated the city or was just too stoned to be very effusive in his praise.

    2. You must stop at Wynand Fockink - i was there this summer and it was a lot of fun

      it has been around for around 400 years - they have quite a few varieties and you can sample everything they make there

      Tasting Room is open 3-9 every day and you can buy whatever you like

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        Wynand Fockink is the one my friends speak of too. I had one of the genevers they brought back that was aged and brown like a fine scotch. Many distilleries make a wide range of genevers so if that is not your thing, there will be younger as well as less malty choices. The WF Creme de Violette I tried was the best one I have ever tasted which is a testament for how good the distillery is.

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          i tried 3 when i was there, the oldest one tasted like gasoline but i drank it heh i dont recall which one it was, he said it was most like a rye whiksey but gin obviously

          I liked the middle aged one the best, it was smooth drinkable straight

          the mrs liked a currant flavored one, which was very tasty - and they have a lot of different flavors to try flavored or not if you dont want genevere

          they also have some draft beers on tap there as well, had a cech beer called budweiser but it wasnt budweiser from the us - the bar guy (who was friendly and hilarious) found a lot of humor serving a yank budweiser in Amsterdam

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            Thanks for the advice - WF was not open as they claim for an English tour at 12:30p on Sat, however, I went back to the tasting room after 3p and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as several of their genever offerings and specialty liqueurs (brought home rose, ginger, and a mix of apricot/citrus flavors that was totally new and interesting to me - their products dominated what I was able to fit in my luggage for the return - see photo.

            I highly recommend this as a destination for any spirits enthusiast visiting Amsterdam (along with making a reservation and going to door-74 for carefully crafted, innovative cocktails - such as their oyster mushroom-infused bourbon Old Fashioned - details in photo)

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              glad you liked it

              next time i go back will make a reservation for sure for the cocktails

        2. Oops, this reply went into the wrong thread. Sorry.

          1. You can now find Diep 9, an award winning Belgian Genever in Boston. Available in Old, Young and all natural infusions. Gezondheid!

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              Chocolate genever ? Well at least Root would go with it. ;)

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                Thanks very much - something new and exciting for me to search for!