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Help please - looking for a venue in Hollywood

I need to book a venue for a cocktail party for 120 people within walking distance of the Renaissance Hollywood (Hollywood and Highland).

We have a decent budget ($100 pp, although the location is giving me heart palpatations and I'm already sure we'll have to increase it) and the venue can be classy or campy, as long as if it's camp, it's obvious. Basically, anything but boring middle-of-the-road.

Catch is that it HAS to be within walking distance and it cannot be a chain restaurant. Doesn't even have to be a restaurant, as long as the venue is interesting.

Help me LA Chowhounders, you're my only hope! ;)

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  1. Your budget sounds low to me, but then again what do I know...Have you checked with the events people at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel? Worth a call. http://www.thompsonhotels.com/hotels/... I attended a function in their "Oscar" room which holds up to 150 guests: http://www.thompsonhotels.com/hotels/...

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      That's the thing... in MOST locations (even Washington, DC), that's a fairly high budget for a cocktail party. I know we might have to adjust it for the location on this one.

      A hotel ballroom, no matter the location, isn't going to be ideal, but they do have some non-ballroom venues on that link that are worth checking out... thanks!

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        OMG Beacher's Madhouse - probably way way beyond my budget, probably unbookable... but would be the most epic event ever.

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          Beachers is bookable and I don't think they are necessarily turning people away every night...

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            So, how does one talk their boss into a flying midget bar? Especially if said boss is 30 years older? Drinks will be involved in the discussion, for sure...

      2. How about the the historic Musso and Franks Grill? They say they can accommodate parties up to 300. It is two blocks away.


        1. I was also going to suggest Musso & Frank. Or possibly the Pig & Whistle (though I haven't been there, it looks pretty good) http://www.pignwhistlehollywood.com/

            1. Okay, I've contacted the Hollywood Roosevelt, Musso and Franks, and the Pig'n Whistle. Lucky Strike is out, since it's a chain. I also contacted the Rolling Stone.

              Please keep the ideas coming if you think of anything else, I have a couple of weeks before I need to get a deposit in. Thanks!

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                so sorry about the chain aspect - i had no idea! believe it or not i thought the Hollywood & NYC locations were the only ones. oops. i guess that means Madame Tussaud's is out too ;)

                if you want to go campy, there's Miceli's with the singing waiters & waitresses...

                Miceli Restaurant Hollywood
                1646 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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                  Now that would be one heck of a walk to and fro, from H&H! ;-D>

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                    ha! totally didn't realize the wrong place link attached. i corrected it - thanks for the heads-up :)

              2. I don't know what date you're thinking of, but the Magic Castle re-opens January 13th after the fire reconstruction. You might also consider buying out some non-conventional places, like Ripley's Believe it or Not, or Madame Tussaud's, although I'm not sure what that would run.

                1. You might also consider Yamashiro Restaurant. It's not walking distance but very close and they would coordinate shuttles for you though the "Dine and Ride" service as part of the "package". The wide angle views of the LA basin are beyond fantastic and would get noticed by your guests big-time! Nothing in the flats below can compare for the "view effect" on the guests.



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                    That's pretty cool, but unfortunately, my guests are easily distracted. We've found that no matter how great the venue, if it's not within walking distance of the hotel, you lose about 50% of your guests on the way there. Someone else offers to take them to dinner, they miss the shuttle, think they'll get the next one, get hungry, wander off, and never return. It would make my life so much simpler if it wasn't like herding cats, but it is. As long as it's within walking distance, they show up in droves and the party really gets going, but when they trickle in on a shuttle, it just doesn't happen. (But I might go check that one out myself while I'm in town.)

                  2. Musso & Frank's would definitely be my call on the "campy" side. It's iconic L.A., and I would assume much more reasonable than any of the non-"campy" options of any worth in the immediate area.

                    1. I recently attended a cocktail party at the Writer's Room, the venue right behind Musso & Frank's. That might work for you.

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                        I called them and apparently, they own a ton of venues right in the area that I wouldn't have necessarily thought of. Good call. Thanks!

                      2. I haven't been, but I've heard decent campy things about Geisha House.